Gro Mukta Holter’s Art and Home

Gro Mukta Holter, originally from Bangladesh, is an artist and a designer, and has been living in Oslo, Norway for many years now. As a young girl of 13, Gro started to paint, inspired by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. She also fell in love with the work and the life of Frida Kahlo, who till date inspires Gro immensely.  

Gro calls herself an ‘art nerd’ and has always made things – paintings, clothes, bags, pillows, jewelry and dolls. In her own words: My art is much about the magic realism and I see the magic moments in the everyday life. I blend in references to art history, literature, pop culture, music, movies and most of all, travelling and observing other cultures. 

Gro, as Frida Kahlo 🙂

Gro’s exuberant personality and her innate love for color and context is not limited to her paintings alone. Gro’s home, which used to be a soap factory, is a reflection of her gypsy spirit in every sense. She has combined antiques, design classics, east and west and calls her style a mix of eclectic, art and urban bohemian chic.


Some inherited, and others handpicked during her travels
The bed was custom made from recycled wood, and shipped from Kerala, India

In Gro’s words: I collect a lot of things from travelling, and we have a lot of art and furniture that comes from our family.  I love to mix colors that might seem a little odd, but can give some lush combinations. My home got to be playful and I try to make it a place that invites visitors to feel relaxed and inspired!


Gro, her work and home have been featured in many magazines over the years. I adore her flamboyant style and have picked up some ideas for my home. Hope you too enjoyed the tour of her work and home as much as I did!
[All images copyright: Gro Mukta Holter. Gro’s work: Find here and here]


  1. Oh wow, what an amazing home! Just beautiful…

  2. How wonderful! Those windows are to die for, so light and open!

  3. I love the sheepskin draped over the arm of the couch. So inviting!

  4. I love your blog, it's the most beautifull!!kisses from spain

  5. Loved your post on Gro Mukta Holter. Like so much of your blog content, it was a celebration of craftsmanship and color … and the ways both enrich in our lives. Kudos for the way you share a culture and heritage that invites us with welcoming arms.

  6. and you introduce yet another fab artist..This is fab! thanks!

  7. love it.. so bohemian yet so elegant.. and her paintings do remind me of Frida..

  8. Fabulous…both the artwork as well as her decor…totally speechless after this visual treat!!!

  9. Beautiful home. I love the wardrobe area!
    Isabelle x

  10. GB


  11. precioso! me gusta todo.
    <Saludos desde España!

  12. Incredible decoration!!! Great!

  13. loved your thought which is finely depicting through your paintings, photographs and the style statement…

  14. I am quite simply, blown away. I don't think I have ever seen a house that calls my name as much 🙂

  15. Absolutely delicious home! What a riot of color and creativity!

  16. Her home is so beautiful… so vibrant and full of life… like each and every corner of the house… beautiful indeed…. Thanks for sharing with us.. i am sure to pick up some inspirations for myself..:)

  17. A beautiful post and fabulous artwork. I feel very inspired.

  18. Lovely-thank you for showing me this:)

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