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Please welcome Greentea Design, the new sponsor of An Indian Summer !

Greentea was born of the need for contemporary Asian designs in the west. Greentea collaborates with select group of talented artisans to design stylish Asian furniture, and works with experienced buyers who hand-pick antiques from Japan, Korea and China
And that’s not all! Living up to its name, Greentea has imbibed ‘green’ as its philosophy. All its furniture is hand-built from reclaimed wood salvaged from old country homes and warehouses. The seasoned wood adds to the charm of beautifully designed furniture pieces

Greentea is located in Toronto, and they deliver worldwidePsst…..Get Greentea’s latest kitchen guide from their site. And do take a look at their Mizuya kitchen cabinet collection. For a quick overview of Japanese, Korean and Chinese furniture, click here

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  1. luvstonz

    Congratulations…wish you they best! I’ve enjoyed your posts and simply love your photographsand someof the mosaic ones are so wonderfully kitschy.

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