The Good Earth Story…


Jamun, an independent collective, specializing in media concepts and content, has directed and produced a crisp and beautiful video for one of my favorite stores – Good Earth. I love the mood in this elegantly shot project and enjoyed the brief glimpse into the design and creation process of some of the classic Good Earth products. 

The images below are screen shots of my favorites from the video. Watch the entire video here.

A peek into the design process

Few of the many beautiful products..

A chat with Anita Lal, the founder of Good Earth..
Good Earth’s latest collection – Seringapatanam
Ooo…I wish I could move into a Good Earth store! 🙂


View more of Jamun’s work here, and connect with them here


  1. Sherline Pimenta K

    Ahh!!! its such a treat to walk around a Good Earth store 🙂

  2. So beautiful! Any ideas where I can find similar products online or catalog that ships to the US?

  3. beautiful products, amazing designs and great aesthetics. very impressive.

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful post. I looked at the Good Earth site – more gorgeous things. Like you, I wish I could move in.

  5. Lovely designs! I would love to go one day in the store!

    Enter my Christmas Surprise Campaign!

  6. What a beautiful post YET again!
    Sigh! If I could only be surrounded by more of Good Earth finds!

  7. GB

    Lovely! Have to agree–wish I could live in the Good Earth store too! 🙂

  8. wow…gorgeous..gotta go check it out. Pop by my blog and enter some of my giveaways this week!

  9. LOVE the video!!! Really tells the Good Earth story…. So inspiring for me!!
    PS… I really HEART your blog… it always makes me feel as if I have traveled and I return to my space refreshed and motivated!

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