Going on a Chai Pilgrimage!

Husband and Wife
2 creative peepsWorld travelersOne, a therapeutic ayurvedic teacherOther, an illustratorand together they areChai Pilgrims!

I came across Jenny and Patrick’s flickr set and totally adored the quirky illustrations sketched during their travels in India and Nepal. Their love for chai (tea), and India is clearly seen in Jenny’s many sketches

More of Jenny’s art work can be found on her site. The couple’s travel and chai experiences will be out in a book in fall next year…


  1. hello Bhavna! not sure if you still remember me and our Chai Pilgrimage, but we are ready to print our book — 192 pages of our amazing journey and Indian chai culture. We just launched a kickstarter to raise printing funds. It goes thru September 18th! Please check it out and share if you like. we would be grateful! 🙂 Peace and namaste from New Mexico, jenny


  2. Bhavna, this is such a phenomenal find!!! 🙂 thanx a ton!! I LOVE her work!

  3. hi Bhavna! oh finally, i’m back from the mountains and settled. thanks for the nice post! i hope many will enjoy the pilgrimage thru our book as if they actually went with us. keep up the inspiring blog! jenny

  4. Pea

    Hi Bhavna ..
    I love the Art journal pages.What a wondeful way of storing memories .. far better than photos taken on a trip..

  5. Great illustrations..!
    Now a chai pilgramage, that’s what I call fun. Why did I never think of doing this, a great adventure and my favourite drink.

  6. These are absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to visit their site and see even more.

  7. I Love it ALL! What great images, and color and fun!!

  8. How fun! Love the illustrations!

  9. I love the chai checklist :-)!! 🙂

  10. I just love the red and pink illustration of Ganesha!

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