Contemporary Indian!

Modern Indian homes are redefining contemporary decor. The trick is to combine lines, structure, materials and colors in a way such that the look is contemporary but also has a distinctive Indian flavor.

Amit Mehra’s vivid images sum it all up:

Use of a dominant painting as a focal point in a room

Such symmetry! Quick tip – Innovate the use of common items – like the bamboo sticks in classy urns filled with sand!. Also check out the low seating in white. Do I hear someone say “O my God, I can make something similar for my home! All I need is wooden boards (polished dark), mattress to fit and some cushions!”

Does the head board look familiar? The design is commonly used in Indian cots :-). Here, with the use of right material and a modern setting, the look is transformed

Rounded bolsters- very typical to Indian homes in a contemporary setting



The hanging figurine is BalineseThat color again!
Marigold petals in a water feature look lovely! Though can be a pain in all the wrong places when it comes to cleaning a water feature like this. Ask me – I have tried it! But still, it is well worth the effort to do something like this for a special occasion. As most of us will not have such a water feature in our homes, the option could be to pick up a large shallow bowl – in metal or stone, and fill it with water and petals


I remember seeing such small closets in my grandmom’s home. I wish I knew where to find some original pieces now…

Interesting expression!
And, at last, what better way to depict traditional with modern than the image below
View of Taj Mahal from the window of Amar Vilas!


  1. That blue small closet in Telugu is called Maila-Petti (Maila = Dirty, Petti =Box) its actually a laundry basket and open from Top, some have doors on the bottom too. We have one in my MILA's home.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the blog Renuka! 🙂

    Thanks! Are you talking about the old furniture market in Amar colony – the one in the open? I'll check it out the next time!

  3. renuka Kelkar

    thankyou for all the sharing.Brightened my day the way the blue closet that you are referring to is actually an old style dirty clothes thingy.we used it all thru my childhood,when dhobhis used to come by once aweek to collect the washing of the sheets and can still get it in amar colony in delhi .it is a second hand furniture adda….

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