Global Chic

Last week I chanced upon the lovely Swedish Norwegian blog Nib, and came across this fabulous post, where a lot of other bloggers had linked in and shared beautiful corners and rooms from their homes; all in line with the ‘global chic’ theme of the link-in. I loved looking through the many warm inspiring homes and picked a few India inspired and bohemian favorites for you. Click through the link below each photograph to go to the respective blog for more images..


[All images copyright respective blogs. Link Reference: Nib]

P.S: The giveaway winner has been announced! Take a look here or here to know who the lucky reader is!


  1. Hmm…that's interesting Anon. Let me share the link with Cult Arts…

  2. Anonymous

    Someone already has the same horse motif on their etsy shop – check out this link

  3. I am speechless, how much I love the purple sequined carpet. I have similar type in purple pink pillows. But its soooo hard to find this here…
    Please let me add your link on my blog.

    Check my blog at

  4. lovely images and a great post!

  5. Thanks so much for using my pic!! 🙂 Hege x

  6. So beautiful! Love each image 🙂

  7. Thanks Jema! Just made the correction 🙂

  8. That blog seemed to be from Norway, NOT Sweden..!

    Lovely inspiration though…

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