Gaatha, a tale.

Gaatha, a sanskrit word meaning ‘a great story’ or ‘a legend’, is an initiative launched in 2009 by group of students and alumni at National Institute of Design [NID]. What started as a project to research and document the unfortunate erosion of Indian crafts clusters and heritage, has now evolved into a online repository of stories, folklore and myths associated with these crafts and their creators. Gatha has also launched an online store, aimed at helping these craftsmen reach a wider market and earn sustenance. 
Gaatha’s blog is a lovely read, where the reader not only gets to know how each of these beautiful products is created, but we also get to ‘meet’ the skilled women and men behind the various crafts. 
Beautifully photographed, the products are a visual delight! Gaatha’s online store is filled with handcrafted unique pieces for personal use and for home.
Visit Gaatha’s online shop here, and immerse yourself in the enriching tales of craft, right here.
How have you been, my dear readers?
I am back after a break for Diwali and post Diwali recuperation
See you this friday, with a lovely giveaway!
[All images: Gaatha. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

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  1. what a great shop! hope you are well.

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