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…John Henry Claude WilsonPhotographer extraordinairecapturesIndian Interiors

Brass thaal (plate) with fragrant flowers on a chowki. In the center is an incense stick holder

A pichwai from Nathdwara school of painting. Chair upholstered in raw silk

Diwan (daybed) and wooden statue of Garuda-(thanks blackmamba!)

Room held together by the colorful dhurrie (rug)

A different genre of Indian home interiors with elegant furniture and rich fabrics

The lamp seems to have lacquer on brass… Block printed cushions with a rich throw Silver coated, or quite possibly silver frame mirror

I will bring you more images from Henry’s amazing work through the years capturing India, and Indian interiors, next week. For now, I am off to London and Dusseldorf for a quick work trip..


  1. Where could I find a table lamp….as in pic 6…??

  2. very nice interior pics indeed. loved them all.
    btw: I tagged your blog on my recent post.
    thanks, anusha

  3. Je suis très sensible à l’ambiance de ce blob félicitation à bientôt

  4. Very elegant and stylish!
    I love a desi decor. These look lovely, my goodness. I absolutely admire the fabrics and color combination.

  5. Wow, the room looks exotic. This gave me an inspiration to create an Indian theme for my room. 😀

  6. India is always an exotic and instigante inspiration, everything pretty and very well composed with a beautiful work!
    – I passed to see the new features and to leave I hug great of Brazil

  7. I discovered your site a few weeks ago from Sparkletopia, and it has very quickly made me mad for Indian interior style. I literally want to redo every room in my house!

  8. minor fix:
    I think the statue in pic 3 is Garuda and not Hanuman.

  9. That first photo is gorgeous…I love the contrasting carpets as well. A felicitous combination of colors…and the delicacy of the flowers in that platter really set it off.

  10. Hi Bhavna! You are LUV’ed! I am awarding you the Blog LUV Award! Click here to check it out!

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