The French connection

Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet have come together to create a very contemporary interpretation of history and culture of South East Asia, India, and Africa, with a dose of Creole charm!

Their association with Club Med as resulted in some stunning resort interiors – all across the world. Below are some images from Club Med’s villages in South East Asia…

Checkout the cool fan..
Different interior options for a room!


Marc and Nicolas draw inspiration from each country they visit. Local craftsmenship and cultural heritage is omnipresent in each of their creations, as is evident by their online portfolio.


I hope , that we see their work in India too in the future!


  1. I really like the design of these rooms. They draw from nature for the color palette and decor ideas giving them a relaxing feel. Very nice examples.

  2. i like the light fixture in the top pic.

  3. I love the swinging bed Aimee! Perfect place to lie down and read a book 🙂

  4. Liz (the cynical one), Glad you liked the orange wall…this is from a tropical country so the sun will always fall and make it look pretty! :-)…Well, a) I think there is nothing that man creates can compete with nature..nature will always be more beautiful, more original!, and b) Marc and Nicolas have also helped design the overall a little credit is definitely due to them 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    The exteriors seem to look inviting than the interiors.
    In the 2nd picture the white vase is distracting !
    The orangish-yellow is gooood – may be because of the sunlight falling on it !?

    Kudos to nature ! – How when a little perked – minus the manicured lawns they draw up to the sublime presence of the creator and still human beings take the credit !! How selfish we are isn’t it ??!

    Liz ( the cynical one )

  6. How gorgeous! I love the way they made the rooms, and especially that last photo of the swinging bed. Can you imagine sleeping under that lovely roof outside? Wow!

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