For The Love Of Vintage

You know the week has begun well when you stumble upon a treasure trove of beautifully styled vintage furniture and antique odds and ends. And then you go overboard, as you are wont to, and put together a humongous post since brevity, thy name is not An Indian Summer, especially when it comes to visuals of heart warming decor.

Feast your eyes, my folks, on these gorgeous vignettes, all from Scaramanga.

Happy Monday, folks!

[All Images: Scaramanga]


  1. This is just a wow collection
    Loved your collection of vintage!

  2. Jemima

    Lovely…. just lovely

  3. The beauty of vintage will never go anywhere, its always there as a saying “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication “. Loved watching the pictures and thanks for sharing the idea.

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