For my Facebook peeps

A quick note for all my peeps connected with An Indian Summer on facebook:
Apparently a lot of you aren’t getting updates from An Indian Summer’s page in your news feed. So (a) thanks for letting me know peeps, and (b) that’s not good at all! I did some quick check here and there, and people, this is what you need to do.
1. Like the page (i.e. if you haven’t liked it yet. Which by the way, if you haven’t, just why haven’t you? Kindly do so pronto!)
2. Hover/Click over the ‘Liked’ blue icon and a drop down will appear (see screen shot below)
3. Check (click) ‘Show in news feed’ 
4. That’s it! You’ll get all the prettiness from An Indian Summer and occasional dollops of love from me, right there in your facebook news feed!
See ya on facebook then! 🙂

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