Flights of Fancy

“What’s tickling your decor bone these days?” You may ask me.Even if you don’t ask, I have to tell you! Here is what has caught my fancy these days…
Am on the look out for unusual headboards..

Distressed furniture…

Use of (empty) bird cages in decor…

And summery inspiration for outdoor living…
How about you? What are you fancying these days?

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  1. We so loved the Distressed Furniture !!

  2. s

    ARe u for real??? THIS blog is awesome!!!

  3. i am in love with these outdoor images.


  4. Wow, what a lovely set of images! Awesome headboards!! 🙂

  5. Thanks Carrie!

    Robin, I am in love with all things iron these days 🙂

    Yikes, this tag is soo due Rajee! Can I just say ' 10 things about me – go read on Rajee's blog'? 😉

    Namaste Inner Space Yoga! Glad to hear from you 🙂

  6. Anna, do let me know if you find the headboard! 🙂

    School furniture! Wow, I remember the traumatized desks and chairs from school…Not a bad idea Anaka. We should hunt down schools which still use wooden furniture and not plastic 🙂

    Thanks Sussi! Keep visiting

  7. Jess and ennui : Its great, isn't it!

    Thanks Anreadu and A 'cheery' disposition! 🙂

    Am I making you splurge, Cryst? 🙂

  8. Oh, the blue cupboard is my dream Chandan :)…I HAVE to learn the art of distressing!

    You are a sweetheart Gillian! 🙂 How have you been doing?

    Sharon, I have postponed the painting project for after the monsoon. Will definitely keep you posted with before after 🙂

  9. WoW! I LOVE your blog! It was so great to see the little monks from Macleod Ganj. Namaste….I’ll be checking back!

  10. Hi there Bhsvna,
    Good to see your Blogging mojo as good as ever… and I thought I’d add my bit to it … so I tagged you…

  11. Loving the hanging wire lanterns!

  12. love those headboards – such lovely craftsmanship.

  13. Like your blog, gonna put at my favourites:-)
    Beautiful photos.

  14. The distrssed blue cabinet piece… love it! Where does one find furniture like that these days. A friend of mine once took old school furniture and re-painted it and used it for her apartment. It looked amazing.. and I guess back in the day school furniture was of pretty good quality.

  15. We have been without a headboard for a few months now so I was inspired by the photos you posted on your blog. The search continues. And I also love distressed furniture.

  16. Cryst (Previously known as Excellent Taste)

    Love the topics once again…not sure about the old bird cages but LOVED the mirrors on the wall tho… I am so inspired by the designes that I have just ordered some cushion covers from india…ha ha

  17. distressed, yes indeed! great blog.

  18. you have such a lovely blog.

  19. me encanta su blog!!

  20. I adore that distressed turquoise dresser with a passion!

  21. Lovely, lovely sources of inspiration, Bhavna and so good to have you posting again!

    I was wondering if you made any headway on that block printed wall design you were eyeing. If so, let me know…I so want one, but I want it cheap! 🙂

  22. Everything on this blog, that’s what!!!!

  23. Fab Pictures yet gain Bhavna. Love the second headboard pic a lot… the blue cupboard is straight out of a dream too…keep em coming.

  24. Thanks Anusha! Isn’t the turqoise cupbooard gorgeous!

    How about starting to collect all sorts of bottles Jen? Some glass bottles are lovely once the labels are off! I remember seeing some regular mineral water bottles in glass in Germany – they were lovely!

    I can so imagine it being you Yoli 🙂

    Thanks Patricia! How have you been doing? 🙂

  25. Thanks Twisha! 🙂

    Hi Savitha! Thanks for dropping in 🙂

    Very true, Julie!

  26. Saucy Apron: Did you say you’ll cook? Tell me where you live, I’ll book your tickets right now! 🙂

    Absolutely lovely D! The amaltas and gulmohar, khus khushboo, faalsey…you have captured the soul of ‘indian’ summer :)..thanks for sharing the link!

    L X: Old bird cages…one can never have enough! 🙂

  27. i fancy everything you fancy. can i come stay. i’ll cook.

  28. D
  29. Anything that is french is tickling my fancy, that said it was urns (vasques in french) last week and I am thinking that it could be old bird cages this week.

    L x

  30. OMG!!!……I just loved 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th pic.s!!! absolutely brilliant!!

  31. Beautiful 🙂 Especially loved the second head board .

  32. Nature, that is.

  33. The turquoise furniture looks awesome. Loved this post.

  34. Hmmm, I’ve been looking for a set of white bottles or vases in various sizes to make a nice, soft grouping behind an alarmingly orange sofa. Any ideas? 🙂

  35. That second bed that image slays me. I LOVE it, it is so me.

  36. Oh… some great inspirations again!! i’m so thrilled to have you back!!! Loved the outdoor stuff… very very nice!! Also liked the distress furniture. Lovely post!

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