Fabulous Designers – III

So much prettiness
All under one roof
Hold me
If (and only if, mindit) I swoon!

Ok so, if for nothing else, the ONE thing that you will have to pat my back for is that I got this uber creative woman and her products to Delhi! For the first time ever! My e-friend from the yonder years of blogging, Vineeta Nair is getting a container load of goodies from Bombay, for us, fans of her work in Delhi! And that’s not all. She will be launching her new Diwali collection with us! The tease that she is, she has only shared little glimpses of her new collection, but but, we get to see it all at the event!

Tia Pakhi & Polka
I love it when people partner up. Creative people, even more so, for then you eagerly await the brilliance that comes out of the partnership. Anais Basu will not only bring her lovely collection from Tia Pakhi for us, but she and her partner Poonam Agarwal will also launch their new label Polka at the event! We get to see it first and buy it first! Yaaay! Oh and, you do need to ask Anais and Poonam how they met and started Polka together – such a lovely little story!
Chandan Dubey Photography +
An Indian Summer proudly launched Chandan Dubey’s incredibly beautiful work to the world last year, and I am so happy to be bringing her and her madly creative designs to Delhi this year! For the first time ever! She was the first person I reached out to when I started prepping for this event, and the awesome friend that she is, she immediately said “I am in!”. And not only that, she has been working furiously to get for us a completely new collection, along with our favorites from her existing line.
I am SO excited
New collections being launched
Old friends to be met and hugged
New friends made
I think I should just go ahead and get over with the swooning bit
Please to do the needful holding and all
I have some more creatives up my sleeve
Check them out tomorrow
Make sure to meet them at the event!
See you πŸ™‚
[All images: An Indian Summer and respective designers]


  1. Feel terrible about missing this but will be there in spirit and will send my representative…mom? All the best to all of you.

  2. To say that I can't wait to come there with all my products is an understatement. To meet all of you, especially you Bhavna, Anais & Chandan, to see all the new & exciting work. This is going to be an unforgettable weekend πŸ™‚
    What fun!

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