Eye Candy II

Enter the world of exquisite interiors, as seen through the lens of Pallon Daruwalla. His interior photography is amongst the best in the country. His work can be seen in some of the leading Indian interior design magazines and has also been published in international magazines.






More of Pallon’s work (beyond interiors) can be found here



  1. Anonymous

    This blog was veryrealistic. Stuff you can actually take back. ‘Am so tempted to go buy and land build a house now 😉


  2. eek, I am jumping out of my chair with anticipation and hope that you will be showcasing fabulous Indian interior design. I adore Indian style and see similarities with Moroccan style – in terms of a deep love and courage in designing with color.

    PS Thank you so much for your kind email:-)

  3. Yup :-)…they are similar to the tiles at 737

  4. shilpa

    The floor tiles in the third pic look familiar…

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