1. I adore ALL the images in this post and have almost 'pinned' them all! hahaha!

  2. Great style! All things are beautiful and colorful. I am very much impressed with the article. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Loving the images, and the accompanying music. Very sweet…might have to invest in the CD.
    Love some of those bed shots too.

  4. Thanks for the musical selection…

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful colors and photography.

  6. ahh, i love every single image! Fantastic.

  7. ohhhh how i love your blog….. truly special… xx

  8. I'd happily spend the rest of my days in any of these rooms. There's so many layers of colors, textiles and textures. Love 'em. Thx for sharing. xoxojess


  9. lovely eclectic mix! Happy Friday!

  10. Gosh !! I'm fascinated by all these pics !! So cosy and colorful and warm !! xoxox


  11. Beautiful and colorful!!


  12. Oh so liveable. I love the eclectic mix…feels like home.

  13. great style!! i LOVE the deep washed green wall on the bedroom with the Magician Rabbit painting, great blog!

  14. Love the one with the bathtub…can picture myself sitting and reading, then taking a leisurely bath, the momentos on the wall are so special too:):)

  15. A lovely collection, Bhavna!Its very appropriate for mid-week blues 🙂

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