1. Gorgeous! Especially love the last bedroom image. I'm doing it!

  2. This is superb!
    I wish i could lay my hands on it now.

  3. Yummy!


  4. fabulous images, i'm in love – all that colour. gorgeous blog you have here!

  5. Natasha, this edition is tough to find…my local book stores have also run out of copies. Where do you stay?

  6. I can't find this mag anywhere! Where would you recommend finding this?


  7. Welcome, and thank you readers and friends – old and new :). So glad I was able to share this issue with you – make sure you get your copy!

    Linda: umm…I guess it's called a container..this is new range though that I have seen in the Indian market. (i am talking about the green one with floral motifs on it..)

    Tazim: Well, I am shipping some copies for friends..but am waiting for my local book store to source some since he has run out of the copies. Send me an email, and let me see if I can spare one for you too.

    Thank you Gypsy Purple for the mention! 🙂

  8. Please see my blog for a mention and a link xx Gypsy Purple

  9. Oh wow…FABULOUS!!!!!

  10. beautiful!!!

  11. I want to have a copy of this magazine but live in Canada…if only I could get someone in India to send it to me by book post!


  12. Lovely post! Elle Decor is just the best, I think. Thank you for posting these! I'm really enjoying having a look around!

  13. Namastey! I found your blog through someone who is following mine and I was so excited. My DH and I are trying to learn Hindi as well as some other friends of ours and it was so exciting to come across your blog. I don't really know Hindi, we're literally just starting to learn it. Your blog is lovely, love the Kitchen design you have pictured.

  14. on the page Colors of India… what do you call that lovely chutney green "container" on the extreme right. It's just too lovely and caught my attention.

  15. Thanks Bhavana,u keep reminding these ,even i have to have a copy

  16. I LOVE India. This is a wonderful blog. Thank you. Come say hi, I am doing a unique music giveaway.

  17. So lovely colours!

  18. pip

    Absolutely amazing imagery (as always). Thx for inspiring us!

  19. wow, what bright and vibrant rooms. Lovely..must score a copy 🙂

  20. Wow what a eye candy, Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for my own copy.

  21. nice shots, lovely and vivid colours and compositions. greetings from brazil!

  22. Incredible!!!!!

  23. It looks great love each picture. Each room has so much energy:)

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