El Carligto

Oh! El Carligto
Why do you lure me so?
When you know

A vacation is really not in the horizonto

Oh! El Carligto!

I can’t have you El Carligto
But my readers and I sure can stalk you!
And here Mr. Blog plays the evil laughter track: hyuk hyuk ha ha ha. 
Yes, that’s how my evil laughter track sounds like. If you have a better one, play it in the comments then!

[All images: El Carligto]


  1. this pictures looks like a dream, i like the first one.


  2. aah…would love to vacation here..lazing about in the terrace with a book and mojito!!

  3. I love the first picture . Whole place is gorgeous.

    I am a frist time commenter here, though I have been visiting your blog quiet some time now.

  4. Ah!! Such gorgeousness……I need a vacation!!

  5. Lovely space so cosy and so much lived in.

  6. This place looks AMAZING! I love all of the outdoor spaces especially – the most important part of a place like that in such a warm, beautiful location…thanks for the inspiration and a lead on a hotel if I ever get to that beautiful part of Spain!

  7. Wow, how gorgeous! I can see why you would want to stay there. I sure would! 🙂

  8. I have always had an interest in design, interior and exterior. Most importantly tying the two together in a home project. In my own way I have done that here at Gardens at Waters East. A simple garden with inside and outside connections in color and materials. I have posted some principles of design I used here in the past. It is just a hobby, but people come to tour the gardens and say they like what the see. Makes me feel good indeed! I enjoyed your Blog because it gives me ideas from further distances to consider. Nice. Jack

  9. Lovely pictures.. especially love the last three… The open space dining area is so beautiful !!

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