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When I received an email from Nick of LOMBOK about their spring-summer collection inspired by the East, I visualized a collection full of bright colors and some what expected Eastern kitsch. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see a collection so classy, subtle and contemporary! LOMBOK has very effectively picked up nuances of Eastern design, local craft and textures, and designed it’s products keeping a global home maker as the focus customer.
LOMBOK‘s collection is primarily from Indonesia and Vietnam. In their own words:
Our passion is to use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for pieces that are naturally stylish and comfortable with that reassuring lived-in feel. We do everything we can to be an ethical producer. The key principles in the sourcing of materials for LOMBOK’s furniture and accessories are that they should all be: legal, Government approved and natural. This year we have scoured the globe to extend our furniture range, bringing you some distinctly oriental elements plus a gorgeous upholstered collection. Having listened to our customers, we have also developed a wealth of accessories including lighting and desktop items, textiles and basketry.

Windlights, Candle lights from their Accessory section
Other uniquely designed items

I am completely taken in by this gorgeous collection! I know where to head, when I next visit London 🙂



  1. La empresa británica LOMBOK lanzó una colección llena de colores brillantes, elegante, sutil y contemporánea, inspirada en el Oriente! LOMBOK ha recogido de manera muy eficaz la artesanía local y texturas, es una fábrica con enfoque al cliente.
    La colección es principalmente de Indonesia y Vietnam. La empresa con sus propias palabras:
    Nuestra pasión es utilizar productos reciclados y materiales naturales siempre que sea posible, para piezas que son naturales, y con estilo. Después de haber escuchado a nuestros clientes, hemos desarrollado también una gran cantidad de accesorios, incluyendo la iluminación, artículos de escritorio, textiles y cestería.

  2. Love these candle lights! There may not be much color, but they’re beautifully patterned and would work well with items that have a lot of color.

  3. Hi Katie! Just read your awesome post :-)…and found it so cute that we both ‘are so taken in’ by Lombok! 🙂

  4. I am quite well Robyn! Thanks for asking 🙂

    😀 you are very welcome acaligurl! And Thank You for dropping in notes for me 🙂

  5. Thanks for dropping by Gunilla! 🙂

    Hello Bronwyn! Hope you are doing well!

  6. Yes, very pretty stuff Yoli!

    True, some of the things are very reasonably priced Tara.

  7. But they do ship Aimee! 😉 watch out!

    Am so happy for you Melissa! This is such a wonderful news 🙂

  8. Divine they are Muriel! 🙂

    Thanks Christine! 😀

  9. Funny! I posted on them too. They really are a great resource! Lovely things.

  10. wonderful pictures.. as usual. and it is inspiring to me. thank you ;0

  11. What great things, I love the color the benches are stained in this collection. Hope things are well for you Bhvana ; )

  12. Sumptuous. I adore the silver!!!

  13. Wow so many things that I want in my home! I live in Singapore, but I´m not that all for asian style, but this…lovely!


  14. Some lovely pieces here – and they’re relatively inexpensive too.

  15. It is so beautiful and tasteful.

  16. I can see why you were taken in, this is absolutely beautiful! I’m impressed! Thanks for sharing it!

    And thank you for sharing in our joy over our daughter’s engagement… 🙂

    Happy Day,

  17. Oh I could spend a ton of money at that store! Good thing they aren’t in the US. 🙂

  18. Very cool stuff…..and speaking of cool – really loving your new banner!

  19. Divine!

  20. Hey Jenny! Yes, their stuff IS gorgeous! Watch out for the seasonal and clearance sales to shop your heart’s fill! 🙂

  21. I spent about an hour yesterday looking through their stuff. Gorgeous. The “hammered” silverware, the screens, the lotus grass furniture, the benches. Really, just about everything was lovely. Too bad I’m too poor for this stuff!

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