Dreaming in Technicolor

Zeba is one of my favorite stores in India. Deep colors and rich fabrics are Zeba’s forte. Along with India, Zeba also has outlets in Europe and North America – quite within reach of this blog’s color loving readers 🙂

Krsna Mehta, the design director at Zeba, proudly says:
“If you ask me what I came to do in this world
I, an artist, will answer you
I am here to LIVE OUT LOUD!”


Rugs that will make a room come alive:

Zeba in rooms:


Zeba pavilion:

Mix and Match:



  1. It’s all so beautiful!

  2. Fantastic…I love Krsna Mehta’s style.
    The burst of colours, the bling,the fusion of patterns & traditional motifs make him a winner.

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