Dream a little dream…

for meSweet dreams till Morocco finds youSweet dreams that leave all worries behind youbut in your dreamswhatever they bedream a little dream for me[Original: Dream a little dream of me: Mamas and Papas]
In these bedrooms…

Did you dream?

[Courtesy Bab Design]



  1. oh I cant stop dreaming now.. wow.. wow!! such a superb post!!

  2. I'm dreaming and hope not to wake up! WOW!

  3. So gorgeous. I'm in love with all the colors and textures.

  4. How I wish my bedroom looks like the first photo. I love its design and color combination. Perfect!!!

  5. Delicious!I'm ready for my afternoon nap now….zzzzzzz

  6. Anonymous

    Love, LOVE Morocco!!


  8. Rajee, I was bursting with creativity for this design workshop that I missed today coz of the rain! Had to come back and post to let some of it out, or I would have spent money buying non-useful (see, how I avoid the term 'useless') decor stuff.. 😉

    I can't believe you missed the rains!

  9. wow lady you've been busy … love the bedrooms … guess romance flows along with the dreams … 🙂

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