Diwali Special – Indian Style and Decor

It’s the festive season again!
Halloween, Diwali, Id, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more..
To kick start the Diwali celebrations this week
I bring to you traditional style and decor from India
From one of my favorite Indian design coffee table book


On another note
It is so awesome to get to ‘see’ you, my readers
From different corners of the world
It almost feels as if I am meeting
My penpals for the first time!
[Wow, penpals! I haven’t used that word in a really long time. Does the concept still exist?] 

See you again very soon

When I come back with the second installment
Of more fabulous Indian interiors
From the same book

More on Diwali decor here

[Image credit: India Style by Monisha Bhardwaj. Photographer: Bharath Ramamrutham]


  1. Warm and sunny colors!

  2. Loved these inspirational decors….Lots of Ideas. Thanks for putting these up. Waiting for Diwali Decor ideas – I will be posting somethings that I will be doing on diwali in my home in Australia !! Keep in touch…xx

  3. Looks so royal! Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  4. Love the new look. Great job on the banner as well.

  5. so rich and royal..warm old world charm oozing out of every pic 🙂

  6. Gorgeous! If I ever get around to redecorating my house I am going in for that old world charm.

  7. GB

    This reminds me–have to get that brass shiny NOW! Looking fwd to more inspiration….

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