Diwali Sparkles With..

Coppre and Poshlyfe!
Tis be the festival of lights and sparkles
And the season of giving
Two more lovely giveaways
For anyone and everyone with a shipping address in India

Coppre reflects the legacy of
metal craftspeople. It is the outcome of a creative
collaboration with the Tambat metal craftspeople, to evolve a contemporary
range of copper products that cater to the present while retaining intact, the
heritage craft process. Coppre works with the craftspeople, by contemporizing their products, thereby making the old relevant in the new. The team at Coppre [Rashmi, Seemantini, Supriya, Sudakshina and Anita] bring
dignity and efficiency to this ancient craft by linking talented designers to
craftspeople and presenting their craft to the world.

Seemantini reached out to me in September this year and shared the beautiful metal work done at Coppre. We decided to host this lovely giveaway during the festive season where one lucky lucky reader will get one meditation urli and a set of ‘circle of light’ tea lights.
And here’s how you enter the giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on facebook right here, telling us how you would like to use the two beautiful pieces from Coppre in your home (make sure you are logged into facebook to do so)
2. Double your chances peeps! Leave a comment on this post too!
3. That’s it! Wait for result to be announced on Nov 16th.
Poshlyfe is a children’s online boutique offering
fun, fashion forward and effortlessly cool clothes and accessories for girls,
boys and babies, was started by Sangita, Sinduja and Bhaskar this year in August.
Sangita and Sinduja are both fashion graduates from NIFT, currently based in California,
with more than a decade’s experience in design, in various roles. The labels carried
by Poshlyfe are a handpicked collection of premium international brands from
across the world ranging from popular name brands along with lesser known
specialty brands but all well-made, beautiful but-not-terribly-expensive kids’
stuff. Poshlyfe’s unique service is to provide creativity with functionality
via our Stylist. The built-in Stylist shows how to combine pieces from our
collection to create a look and complete an ensemble. 
For the Poshlyfe giveaway, there are three happy readers to be picked, who can chose one from the following products, based on whether you want to pick up a dress for your little girl, or Tshirt for your boy or a knit pant for your baby (various sizes available in all three).
And how to enter the giveaway? Here’s how:
1. Leave a comment on facebook right here, telling us which of the above product you would like to win and how would you style your little munchkin in it? (make sure you are logged into facebook to do so)
2. Double your chances peeps! Leave a comment on this post too!
3. That’s it! Wait for result to be announced on Nov 16th.
Coppre and Poshlyfe: Thank you girls for the lovely giveaways for An Indian Summer readers! 🙂
[Images copyright: Respective stores and An Indian Summer]


  1. I would like to enter coppre giveaway.. Loved both the products.. I will put a small succulent in the middle of urli and will surround it by water with white flowers. Also for those lovely diyas, i will put tealight in the center and in the surrounding area will put some marigold flowers. Alternatively, i will like to put marshmellows in the bottom area and in the center will put nicely wrapped chocolate during my daughters birthday party.. now, can i win that?
    Btw, i am the first time commenter on your blog and will take this opportunity to convey how much i love your blog. Its awsome.. keep up the good work..

  2. I d use the urli on my sideboard in front of my Radha krishna idol with a profusion of flowers and tealights in different colours…and the diyas I would use with my hanging brass lamps amidst green plants..

  3. Anonymous

    This is for the Coppre beauties – Urli on my dining table. Tea lights on the sideboard, in front of the Ganesha idol.


  4. Out on my coffee table so I could see it everyday!

  5. Anonymous

    I would like to enter for the Coppre giveaway! Love diyas and love floating tealights in water.. that's how I would use these pieces.

    free13spirit at gmail dot com

  6. No tengo Facebook y adoro la cultura de tu país.

  7. They are beautiful, Thank you for such a beautiful Giveaway 🙂

    I will keep them in my mother's room, My mom's room is a room with a big balocony facing the garden, she loves to live close to nature and that is why we have earthen touch to her room and that is why I think this will look best and perfectly blend in there.

    will keep it near her relaxing chair where she loves to read, write and make paintings.

    I think it will give her a relaxed feeling and peacefull mind.

  8. Soma

    would be beautiful to use during beautiful dinner with family/ friends. to also for warming light during cold winter months in ny apartment.

  9. we have a teal blue wall with gold accents(wish it was copper accents), on the monthly no electricty evening that the family follws, i would light a floating scented candle in the urli amongst white mogra buds and the lamps on the glass dining table and the wall inserts to light up the home in a warm cozy evening, still thinking what music i would play something with wind and water i guess.
    a few seconds ago

  10. vineela

    Love these urlis for their wide and bright design.
    Large is perfect for fresh flowers on a bright sunny day and great for floating candles at dusk.
    Second is elegant with a single tea light candle gives peaceful treat to any space.

  11. would love to have the meditation urli with calm white pebbles,fresh bouganvillea flowers in stunning pink in my study corner to keep the juices flowing feeling drained out and those pretty tea-lights will make gracious company anyway!

  12. Just love the copper urlis..! I love using traditional urlis to keep my latest magazines and coffee table books once diwali is over!!

    A very happy diwali to everyone.. May this diwali bring in all that we have ever wished for. Lets be kind to the environment, so we pass down some relevant values to the younger generation, in addition to passing down traditional ones..!

  13. I would love to use these coppre pieces in my new home near my swami space. That way it can be incorporated in daily puja or festivals like navarathri, deepavali during which we like to embellish more with fresh flowers, votives, and lamps. It fits in well with my indo-american decor.

  14. Deb

    I love the Coppre pieces! We are using copper in our Chennai apartment, in the kitchen and bathrooms. Even the ceiling fans are copper. These would help tie in the copper theme with accessories.

  15. Lovely collection!The urli would be perfect for floating some scented candles and tea lights would be great at any place…would add a lot of serenity and festive look to the house even on non festive days..

  16. For a home bound mother of a 10 month old, your blog is such a refreshing read. I look forward to unwinding my day with reading your posts and drawing inspiration from the ideas you share. Love both the giveaways. One's perfect for my daughter, the other perfect for my home, both things that i cherish and that take a lot of my energy and time.

  17. Sabina Yadava

    I love your blog and have always followed it! Love both the lovely products from Coppre…wish I could win them…..



  19. The urli and the tealight holders are beautiful. They would brighten our living room everyday as a a tranquil pool of water with some flowers and a few candles and on festive occasions be part of our prayer rituals.

  20. Devyani Tekaday Chitnis

    I have a habit of lighting diyas and candles everyday in my house. It makes me feel positive, peaceful and close to ancient values and traditions. With the help of Coppre's legacy of craftsmanship, it will enhance the positive and peaceful vibes in my house.

  21. During my last visit to India..I was on the look out for copper utensils and its sad that these days most of the store don't stock them up as people don't buy them often..I was so happy when i came across your post with these lovelies so the urli would make lovely center pieces in my dining room and tea lights would double as base for tiny bud vases. Nessy

  22. My 1-bed flat lobby is way too dark and small for this beautiful piece so I would rather place it in middle of my living space. I can see myself coming from work, placing my handbag on dining table and there in center this beautiful 'Coppre piece' with flowers & candles to cheer me up…will sit perfectly under Tom Dixon's copper light pendant 🙂

  23. Hello- This is gorgeous, woke my sleepy self to sit up and start staring at the beautiful meditation urli.

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