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San Giorgio Mykonos is one of the projects of Design Hotels, a company that represents and curates select independent hotels across the world. What caught my eye when I looked at San Giorgio Mykonos was the exquisite simplicity of it’s interiors. The charm of white offset by a colorful rug, pillows and cushions, the very put-together-on-the-site kind of furniture, an earthy organic feel to the place, and of course, a certain ethnic influence seen in the furnishing and the decor – made it impossible for me to resist sharing this lovely little place with you. I would have loved to recreate this look in my home, if only I wasn’t living in a dust bowl of a city! My interior aspirations aside, this style and look is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a global influence in home interiors. 

[All images: San Giorgio Mykonos]


  1. So beautiful…. and good work.

  2. beautiful work! so inspiring!

    Erica xx

  3. So beautiful. I love the pattern formed by the hanging light on the earth wall, the ornate mirror, the lovely rugs, the colors and textures..OH! Everything! Thank you for another great post:)

  4. Clean, crisp, and very elegant decor! lovely! I can relax in here anytime..

  5. siddhi

    Absolutely love the decor…

  6. <3

  7. love Greece and Greek lifestyle … plus your eye for aesthetic decor and beauties make this post quite exceptional. I am in love!!!! would love the same decor in my house… one day! Love everything about Indian Summer….this is the #1 "decor" blog I look at when I want to see something unique and beautiful. Merci.

  8. wow…..

  9. Gorgeous !!! Such beautiful finds ….thanks for posting them 🙂 we are spreading the An Indian Summer love

  10. ¡Wow! so nice…

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