Design for An Indian Summer – Till Aug 31st now!

Hello ya all creative peeps!
Thank you for joining in the logo design party!

It has been lovely to get your emails and the first few designs of the logo for ‘An Indian Summer’. A lot of you have requested for more time, and I have received a bunch of questions about the finer details of the style and the kind of logo I would like. Worry not, for here is some more information:


Based on your feedback, I have decided to extend the timeline for the logo design till the end of this month. You now have till Aug 31st to submit your fabulous creations!

Style of the logo / My design preferences

Well, to begin with, do read this, if you haven’t done so already. I’ll also share my design preferences right here, for easy reference:

I would like a ‘clean’ design – not minimalistic, but not too crowded either.

I adore runny water colors, crayons, pencil and ink sketches, hand drawn illustrations, letterpress, handwriting and typewriter fonts!

The design does not necessarily need to be ‘Indian’ in theme or look & feel. ‘Summer’ is a potential theme to build the logo around. ‘Design’ could be another one. ‘Summer in India’ maybe. Or ‘Design from India’. How about ‘Bohmian design‘? Just some potential themes for you…can’t wait to see your take on the blog’s identity! 🙂

Please feel free to send in as many versions of the logo as you want. The more the merrier! Send your designs here

More questions? Send them my way any time!

– Read the first post announcing the logo design contest here

Thank you again folks! I am so looking forward to what you’ll send me! Remember, a fabulous gift box, lifetime credit and a big bear hug from Mr. Blog awaits the selected design 🙂 


  1. Just found your site and wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing all your expertise! I am curious about whether the contest for logo & design is still open or closed ?Can I still participate ?

  2. Pat/Anu: I am super excited too!

    Val: Thank you! You can send your design to this email ID:

  3. Val

    Hi there! i have a few desing for you but i can't see your e mail is there any way you can give it to me.

    thank you so much, i cant wait to send them to you.


  4. Val

    Heloo! i have a few design for you but i cannot get your e mail because i dont use the outlook , can you please give it to me. thank u so much! i am looking foward to send them to you!


  5. I cannot do this to save my life but looking forward to seeing all the lovely designs.

  6. Lovely!! I'm no good at this.. but cant wait to see how creative people are!! *sigh*

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