The day I welcomed Diwali, and You, to our home…

Never have I been such an enthu pataka (‘enthusiastic cracker’ for the uninitiated) about taking pictures on Diwali! But, I promised you, my beautiful friends and readers, that I will share images from my home, and I being quite the gentle(wo)man when it comes to ‘published on net’ promises, I did exactly that! And had a lot of fun in doing so too!

Let me re-live with you the beautiful day it was yesterday, when we celebrated Diwali….



Lord Ganesha (made of brass) presides in his niche, content with the offerings of marigold. The two brass bowls belong to my grand mom. The smaller one was used by my mom for her meals when she was a baby and hence holds a very special value for me


In anticipation…during the day:


Took out the brightest of colors…in this case, a red bed cover and cushions with gold block print. A recently acquired rug now proudly hangs above our bed. The corner chair in my bedroom is one of my favorite places in our home during winters..

Waiting to be lit up as the dusk falls. Marigold and Orchids. Bougainvillea petals from my garden

And ‘this’ also waits to be placed at the proper place! ‘This’ being some of the booty from my recent trip. Iron grill candle holder and various tableware from Boston (Crate and Barrel and Target primarily…I was pleasantly surprised by some of my finds at Target), and Mr. I.M. Aboy magnet from Camden. The mirrors are from Ikea (from an earlier trip) that I got polished to this shade of wood to match the rest of our woodwork

And as dusk falls, the festivities begin:





Three different kinds of lights welcome you to our home! First one is a Bastar iron candle stand, and then we have.. who else but the mighty elephant taking on the load of diyas, and finally, a flaming mashaal (torch) right at my doorstep

And as you step in: a deep pink lantern; cut work diyas in a row; and my latest obsession – hammered brass urn with pink and yellow dried leaf lotuses – all greet you with open arms!

And not to be left behind, some other nooks from my home adorned with tea lights and cane lamp. The silver chowki (small stool on which the tea light stand is kept) was used for some purpose at my wedding (don’t remember what purpose!)

But who gave the permission to light up all this fancy stuff? Well, everything was lighted only after we did a small puja (religious ceremony) in front of Lakshmiji (Goddess of wealth) and Ganeshji (God of everything good and auspicious). The figurines on the left are made of terracotta, as is the small house known as ‘hatri’. A new set is bought each Diwali…
(And Constance, I lighted a candle for you while we prayed…)


And, finally, we wrap up another Diwali…


Still warm but now vacant chair after family and friends left; solitary lantern providing some warmth to the black cushion; ‘not-wanting-to-be-left-out-even-though-I-am-regular-and-not-related-to-Diwali-decor’ lamp (my favorite one!); and the metal candle lady (whose head was cut off by the mosaic maker!) looking at the other black cushion push the pink cushion off the couch when it thought no one was looking…



Some afterglow of solitary votive; two (oh %^&*! I have forgotten a word again…what do you call this flower?!!)…well, anyway, the two flowers dozing off on my kitchen counter; brave bastar camel guarding the only two books on my newly built additional book shelf and orchids playing the last game of peek-a-boo with the stairs..

Thank you for visiting me on Diwali…you made this beautiful festival even more special for me this year 🙂




P.S: All terracotta diyas and other terracotta items were bought from The Blind Relief Association at N.Delhi, where each year, visually challenged children make these products, while pursuing their education. I strongly recommend (specially if you are in Delhi, or are visiting) to help this non-profit institute by buying at least something made by these children. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed when you visit their workshop. 🙂



  1. hi bhawna,
    u have a phenominal home….can u just tell me where this blind association is or where can i get these pots from delhi…the address

  2. 😀 thank you Lady L…it was fun having you visit my home!

  3. uuuuuuuuu wooooooow!

    clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!

    very pretty!!

    ..must buy more flickering lights tomorrow…

  4. 🙂 Thank you Studio WS and Tara!

  5. Oh how lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and your holiday.

  6. truly delightful in every way. thanks so much for sharing this beauty.

  7. Thanks Affinity! Sure, anytime I plan to come to Singapore or you come to India, lets swap for a day! 🙂

  8. So beautiful!!! i like your brick wall, your candles, your cane chair, your cushions.. and everything else! lets swop house 😉

  9. Thank you Paula! 🙂

    Yes Katie, I do enjoy the time I get to spend at home 🙂

    You are welcome Selya…glad you liked my home 🙂

  10. Ooh I love your home, colors, candles everything! Very beautiful!
    Thank you for invitation and sharing!:)

  11. Bhavna! You have the most lovely magical home! You must love to come home every day. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  12. Simply beautiful images that take me away to a dream of wonder and adventure.

    Thank you.

  13. Thanks Constance! 🙂

    Maddie, I would love to shop with you! (I love to shop…as you might have figured by now ;-)…I think my next job should be that of a ‘personal shopper’!)

    Thank you Amber! 🙂

  14. Thanks Belinda! I would love to see some pictures of your candles!

    Yes! They are Gerberas!! Thanks Barb 🙂

  15. Thanks Arch! :-)…yes, I have tried to blend in Indian and global design elements at my home

    You are welcome Melissa! It would be awesome to actually host you at my home someday 🙂

  16. First, let me just say what a beautiful home you have! Your photos are stunning! Your corner chair is sheer perfection…I can see why it’s your favorite landing place! What a wonderful photo essay…thank you so much for sharing! And also for the mention of the The Blind Relief Association. What a worthy cause and lovely goods…does it get any better?

  17. there is so much love in your
    home ~ and i must say I would
    love to go shopping with you:)

  18. Happy Diwali,
    Your home looks fabulous. I smile in the light of abundance for you!


  19. Lovely pictures, Bhavna! Thank you for sharing.

    And those flowers look to me like Gerberas (a very difficult name to remember!)

    Happy Diwali!

  20. Looks marvelous and I enjoyed your visual tour and narrations. I always light candles (and some incense), so I find the idea of India’s Diwali more than wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  21. What a lovely home! It looks colorful, warm and inviting! I am so glad you posted these, thanks for inviting us in to your home!


  22. Fantastic piccies. Proud of ju.
    Can’t wait to come home this weekend..(but for the madness that awaits me:P)!

  23. Hey Bhavna,
    Happy Diwali to you and your family:-)

    Love images of the corners of your home:-) Interesting fusion of Indian & international elements.

    Every corner seems to have very lovingly put together:-)

    All the very best and thanks for sharing the festivities in your home:-)

  24. (vineeta)
    Beautiful Home! but why am i not surprised 🙂 I loved the way you lit up all corners of your beautiful home with lights- the way diwali should be ideally celebrated. Thanx for generously sharing your home with us. I loved the sheets & upholstery the darling cushions on the beautiful cane chair & the brickwork walls. Lovely!

    Vini, you should be surprised that I finally got the courage to put up snaps of my home and that too the ones taken by me ;-)!! Thanks Vini…so happy that you liked the post! (hope I have given you more reasons now to visit me when in Delhi/Gurgaon):)

    And why the copy paste…pls read above explanation that I gave to Robyn! 🙂

  25. (robyn)
    Thanks Bhavna, awesome tour of your home~ very beautiful images. 🙂

    Thanks a bunch Robyn! :-)…sorry, I deleted my draft post (on which you had left this comment) and just put in this final version..hence the copy paste 😉

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