Cressida Campbell

I chanced upon Cressida Campbell’s prints at a local gallery, and fell head over heels in love! Cressida is based out of Sydney and is one of Australia’s top contemporary artists. Her artwork, using both painting and wood block printmaking techniques, depict beautifully detailed and intimate home interiors, still life and Australian landscapes. The level of detail and the textures in her paintings makes each room or a corner she paints incredibly life like. Her work has been exhibited in major galleries around the world, and she has won many prestigious awards in Australia and internationally.

In this post I am sharing some of my favorites from her extensive portfolio of scenes from home interiors.

{Images: Philip Bacon Galleries, Paper Parrot, Design Files}


  1. Alka Shirodkar

    Truly astonishing paintings, Such a vivid and bold colors. Lovely.

  2. Chaitali Patel

    The level of details and the perspectives are astounding!

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