Country roads, Take me home…

..Hmmm…maybe not!
Country boats, take me to Srilanka, ..
To the place
I think I can belong
boutique resort!


[John Denver purists – no hard feelings, eh?!]

Almost ancient garden


The ‘green’ of the pool


Fancy a lemonade in the veranda?

Or, would you rather catch a quick nap?

I can ‘feel’ walking barefoot on this floor

Srilanka is south of south of India! No wonder, architectural traditions are similar!
Inner pond

Look inside over the pink!

Look outside over the pink!!

And all I have to do, is dream…

… dream dream dream..

Orange corner for morning cuppa

Brass door lock (there is a word for this but for the life of me, I can not remember it right now!)

Dosai, a little marmalade and some flowers complete my experience!



Another gem from Srilanka – Apa Villea Illuketia



  1. Astute observation Kus…it does carry bawa style.

    And fyi, India is only a wee bit up North of Srilanka..(hint!) 😉

  2. kus

    ahh…srilanka….went to colombo early this year for a project. that courtyard with pond carries bawa’s style.

  3. yes, it does Tara! 🙂

  4. It looks like a little slice of heaven!

  5. Thanks so much for you note Neece! It really helps to know what readers are enjoying or not liking much on An Indian Summer! 🙂

    Do drop by again..will look forward to *hear* from you 🙂

  6. :-)…you are welcome Katie! Glad I was able to help you take a virtual vacation!

  7. What a find! This resort is lovely. The design is so simple and vibrant with the saffron and fuschia…and a kick of pattern on the bedspreads…wow!
    I have really been enjoying your blog, especially the Indian posts:)

  8. Such a beautiful place. Thank you for my mini vacation!

  9. Let’s go!!! When do we intend to leave? Em all set 😉 Jus let me know 🙂

  10. Well Vini, I definitely am game for Srilanka! 🙂

  11. What a superb find!!! the pics are gorgeous as usual- the place looks like a dream. My frinds have been saying srilanka for a while- maybe i should listen to them- also your Indian design bloggers heading there is a deadly idea 🙂

  12. :-)…maybe, the India design bloggers can plan a trip here, Kanchan!

    Design for mankind – Glad you liked the post, and welcome to An Indian Summer 🙂 [love your name!]

  13. Breathtaking – Beautiful – Awesome

    Simply loved the concept. Dreamy Abode I must say…


  14. Beautiful photography on this post; thanks SO much!!!

  15. Padlock…hmm…isn’t padlock more the big lock?
    I think the word I think I need is ‘latch’…the brass door latch..

    Thanks for suggesting, Shilpostix! 😀

  16. hee hee – well, only my husband can tell how melodious! ;-)…i sing, still..

    And such will your abode Adi if I go by how you have dreamt it up!

  17. Thanks Robyn!

    Ah! So the word for cental courtyard is Mitham! Thanks Arch!

  18. it’s called a Padlock:)

  19. adi

    ah! now that is what i call a dream abode 🙂
    and that inner pond is my favourite.

  20. thought i heard someone’s melodious singing so i dropped by to confirm that its you. hehe. lovely and dreamy place! 🙂

  21. Love the pink cushions in the open verandah and the ‘Mitham’ the central courtyard….

    All your Srilankan finds are amazing:-)
    Have a great week:-)


  22. Wow, very nice post & cool place, love the photos.

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