Cochin. Sigh.

You know that when I haven’t posted in a bit, it means one of two things. Or one of three things actually. But for now, let’s just go with two. One, I am neck deep in work and the other shiny things and twinkling peeps that keep me on my toes. Two, that I am traveling. These last two weeks, it has been both. The first bit – the work and the twinkling peeps bit – was good, but the excellent bit was the travel! A friend and I hopped onto a flight (ok boarded a flight to be less hop-py) and went to one of my quickly-becoming-favorite cities – Cochin. We had a brilliant brilliant time and I am back with happy photos and a desire to go back as soon as that first bit, that bit that I mentioned above, allows me to 🙂
And you do know what I do when I am a chirpy bird back from a lovely trip, right? I share my favorite pictures with my favorite people – You! A bunch of you (my aforementioned favorite people) have sent me emails and messages – just a quick note to tell you that I am gradually getting over my Cochin hangover and getting back to those shiny emails. Within a day or two you will hear back from me 🙂
Oh, did I mention that I went to Cochin for the Kochi Muziris Biennale? And the day we landed, the entire country went on a strike? And almost all galleries and venues that were holding the festival had to be closed? Well yes, that’s what happened. But I was just so happy to be in Kochi, that we made the best use of the time we had there. The Biennale? Am already booking my tickets for the next one 🙂


Kochi Tips: We stayed at the lovely Old Harbour Hotel – will go back there happily any day! We lunched and dined at three other fabulous places – Eight Bastion, Malabar House and Brunton Boatyard. All three places have been done up beautifully and I highly recommend them for a stay or a meal
I hope you, my favorite people, have been happy and chirpy. I shall be back tomorrow, and day after, and then on days that follow, with many pretteh posts and some luscious giveaways. Keep reading, An Indian Summer
[All pics: Taken by me. Kindly credit and link back to this post if you share. Many thanks!] 


  1. I've never been to Cochin, your post made me want to go! Lovely!

  2. Oo! Yes, my husband and I are planning to drive up to Cochin in a few weeks and the Old Harbor Hotel looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing great tips as usual!

    xo Naomi │ Be Ready Bravely

  3. beautiful. kerala has a very special place in my heart. one summer my two best friends and I travelled from village to village for 1 whole month. we didn't get much time in Cochin but when I visit India again I'm definitely visiting!
    thank you for sharing this beautiful images. makes me miss home so very much but it also fills me with fond memories.

  4. Oh! This is heavenly…lovely clicks Bhavana…I have never been to Cochin but your images are fascinating me to make a visit soon.. 🙂

  5. So nice to read as Im in love with Cochin. Lived there 34 years ago for a year. Went back for visit four years ago and cant wait to go back there. Been to Malabar house and Malabar Hotel, have to try the other restaurant next time, heard about Old Harbour, never been there. Have to find out what Muzirisi Biennale is…. 🙂

  6. Lovely images Bhavna. Will be sure to check out the places you mentioned on my next trip to Kochi.

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