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I am sitting beneath a sky lit up by stars, a cool breeze playing with the
wind chime and the night sounds from the forest around my cottage adding chorus to the playlist humming in the background. I haven’t been
wrong about Goa inspiring me; I am typing out this post on the leetle
notepad app on my phone with a broken screen, so inspired I am! When do I actually get to post this will
depend on when I get decent wifi. As you may gradually notice, while in Goa, I am
also embracing patience and becoming more zen (ahem) as the days pass. Well,
almost. It’s a start to zen-ness, let’s just put it this way.
I have so many stories to tell you. To begin with, my
brand new rental car to which I was handed the keys very ceremoniously
by the obviously proud owner, turned out to be this shiny silver thing
with the driver’s seat just a few inches above the ground. The people in
the know know that low cars and and I just don’t see eye to eye. I
didn’t have the heart to request for another car and with my arm
barely reaching the window, I waved goodbye to the proud owner, his
prouder flunkey and the beaming staff. What with getting wonderfully
lost (sometimes) to terribly lost (every single day) to hurling bad,
very bad words at the wayward GPS signal, to
smartass google maps taking this cue to reroute such that I cover every
possible road in Goa, well, it has been quite an adventure so far when
it comes to getting my good self from point A to point Z. But but, I am
happy to declare that more & more, I am able to navigate Goa without
the help of that stoned (clearly!) google maps app. When I can actually see the road
from this darned car, ie. And when I am not getting all nostalgic
traversing through familiar roads traversed during journeys past.

And then there are these people I am meeting. Strangers, new friends, friends of friends, breakfast buddies, dinner companions, home owners, cocktail cheerers, direction givers, tech issue solvers, creative visionaries, big-city-corporate-job-deserters  – such an eclectic bunch and all so very nice! I have also been bumping into people who exclaim ‘Ah! An Indian Summer!’ and I respond, surprised and chuffed, ‘Yes! That’s me!’ and then we laugh and talk about all things creative and I am welcomed with open arms. To add to the merry party, a dear friend joined me for the Holi weekend. The day began with wine for breakfast and six shades of organic colors, leading to driving wherever the road took us with us screaming singing along with Bon Jovi, to chatting incessantly about anything and everything, as only the closest friends can do, to almost drowning in the pool for we were laughing so hysterically! Well, we can satisfactorily say that Holi was celebrated as it should be celebrated!

Now that I have figured out wifi with the help of some good folks, you will see the blog and I get back to regular posts. If you have emailed me and haven’t heard back yet, I will get to your email within a day or two. You guys, you do overwhelm me sometimes, you know. All in a good way. I love love the emails you have been sending, sharing tips, wishing me well, joining me vicariously in Goa…you guys are to me what puddles of warm sunshine are to my boy cat! Keep writing and I will see you again before this week is through.
[All images: An Indian Summer]

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  1. What a fun life! Thoroughly enjoyed the read, and keep the Goa stories coming 🙂

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