Bringing India to Europe

If you live in Milan, Florence, Rome or Madrid, please raise your hand. And, if you love all things Indian, raise your other hand. This post is going to make you happy. Very happy. For I am sharing Lisa Corti’s fabulous line up of Indian furnishing, furniture, garments and pottery – a store that is located in your very own city! So read on. And yes, you may put your hands down now…unless you can scroll using telekinesis 😉
Others, i.e. non-residents of above mentioned cities: Do not despair! Lisa Corti’s goodies also retail in other European and American cities. I guess that leaves folks from Asia Pacific..well, India is just a flight away anyway! And for us in India, more inspiration on what to look out for the next time we go shopping. 🙂

Regions/Cities in India from where Lisa sources (and designs) her products

Posters of popular Hindu deities as pop art

Cotton cloth from the south of India
These curtains remind me of sarees worn by nuns (in Calcutta)!

Stock up on colorful cushions and pillows for upcoming autumn and winter months

Lovely dresses for kids and us

Great inspiration for India inspired kids room

The stores look lovely too!

[All images Lisa Corti]


  1. Hi,
    I just want to say that I think your blog is the loveliest I follow!
    Thanks for all the luscious and inspiring images.
    🙂 Jade of pretty-dirt.blogspot

  2. I guess I am way too late to check out this awesome post. I totally loved it. The white curtains remind me of "veshti's" in tamil (& dhotis in hindi). I actually was planning on using white dhotis as draperies for my apartment. I love the feel, touch and look of the veshtis especially the used cotton ones 🙂

  3. Wonderful. Juz sad to it is in Spain. I love India…

  4. Have I told you lately, that I love you (all)? :D…as you can see, I am in a singing mood today.

    Thank you so much for dropping by : old friends and new. Keep dropping and hum a tune or two with me the next time 🙂

  5. .. .. always prettier gems.. it only gets better and better.

  6. Hi Bhavna, just stumbled upon your blog and I must say that I am loving every bit of it!! The pictures are beautiful! Will visit again for more…
    Best Wishes

  7. The furniture, the colorful pillows really suit the India inspired theme of this interior design. The bed looks so cozy and comfortable. Because of the colorful colors the ambiance of the house is very joyful and happy. I really like the design.

  8. I love the vibrant colors, very India look with a touch of European interior design. it's gorgeous

  9. What a treat to the eyes! I would love some of those pop posters!

  10. That cloth looks amazing!

  11. Love it! Want it! thank you for letting us dream just a little.

  12. Gorgeous! I love all the colours, everything looks so bright and happy. 🙂

  13. I love this blog..glad to stumble upon..:-)

    I ll for sure refer to this site when i start building a home of my own..;-)

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    check it out.

  15. Lovely colors, lovely designs, lovely find, lovely post!


  16. very good post!love the colors!

  17. Loving the colors. I think the indian kid bed is esp great.. have to see these stores in person in my next trip. thanks for sharing. love, t

  18. Love,love,love everything in the photos.
    Wish I still lived in Spain:-)
    Maybe she need someone here in Sweden to sell her things;-)
    Have a great weekend

  19. wow! what fabulous images. I'm really loving the outdoor chair with pillows and bike!


  20. Wow! Everything I want and more. Thanks! I use the white cotton saris for curtains as well :).

  21. excellent post….

  22. Nice and colorful! like it!
    sunny greetings, geisslein.

  23. looks like a bunch of colorful must-have's. I better get shoppin'. =)
    I particularly love the canopy bed. Since childhood, I think it's many-a-girl's dream to have feel like a princess in her very own canopy bed. And Indianize it as shown here?!? Doesn't get much better than that. Wonder if it comes in my size. Oh my poor husband.

  24. Hi,
    Never mind … we in India and the designer elsewere … its wonder full to see Indianness with a western perspective.

  25. what an awesome store….gorgeous product…thanks for sharing bhavna!

  26. Gorgeous!!

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