The team at BlueKrit had graciously shared their portfolio with me more than a few months back. I lost them in my email deluge, but thankfully found them again on facebook recently. And I remembered just how much I had liked their work the first time I had seen it. It’s after a long time that I have come across an interior design studio in India that has such a distinct personality. BlueKrit team’s work is elegant to the core and makes excellent use of Indian design elements in a contemporary setting. 

Founded by Neha and Mehul Sanghvi, BlueKrit is a Mumbai based design studio, contributing to the creative and contemporary fields of architecture, interior planning, styling and furniture design. Their philosophy of not adhering to a fixed formula, style or method, instead adapting ideas to suit the context and end user, ensures that each space that they design is unique. Take a look at my favorites from their portfolio…

[All Images Copyrighted to: BlueKrit]

Update: Neha and Mehul have got an excellent response via this post! They would like to share their contact details with An Indian Summer readers. So, if you are also interested in reaching out to them, please write to them at these emails IDs: e-neha(at); mehul(at)


  1. BlueKrit

    Hello All!
    Thanks a lot for all your wonderful comments!Glad you'll liked the work! 🙂
    @ Uttara- yes, we do consultation for projects outside india as us and lets take this ahead.
    Warm Regards,
    ~Team BlueKrit~

  2. I am just in love with everything. I know what I will be doing around the house this summer…for sure. Time for a makeover. Thanks for your vision and inspiration!


  3. really really interesting!

  4. Anonymous

    Awesome designs…..

  5. Violet Dover

    Sigh! I am in love with that living room. And that mirror. And that desk. And that lamp. And…everything in this post! Hugs and thank you Bhavna! What a find!

  6. Aanchal

    Hey, I've been hunting around for innovative ideas for table lamps and the one in picture number 8 looks really nice. If you have any other suggestions please do post them. Also any idea where one can source these kind of table lamps from in India? Much thanks 🙂

  7. Love the look!!

  8. hi bhavana long time lurker here. this is the best post on indian summer. a great example of a space that is unashamedly indian but also so contemporary and stylish. what a find. i am copying some of the ideas and concepts from here for my own house


  9. Some very creative designs, love the black wall!

  10. Lovely images.. The living room is my favorite…

  11. These are really nice and the neutrals plus reds is my favorite among Indian-inspired interior ideas.

  12. Uttara Misra

    Nice! So different from the usual interiors seen in 'contemporary' Indian homes…just the right mix of traditional with the modern. Are they available for projects outside India too?

  13. Vicky Epson

    What a find! I am in love with that mirror! Such attention to detail..Thank you Bhavna.

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