Miv Watts

Sometimes, you need to let the visuals do all the talking. This is one of those times. Read about the creative journey of Miv Watts, and browse, linger, pause, sigh and dream through this post, to see her work inspired by the East and by India…

…and let me know if this satiated your creative urge for India inspired interiors for this week? 🙂



  1. Loved this post–had to share it..please visit http://www.gypsypurple.blogspot.com —will be posted on Tuesday 20 October

  2. i love the colour of all your posts. thanks for sharing.
    stay blessed!

  3. Lovely… I'm soooo inspired!!

  4. Lovely photos, just love the colours.
    I was wondering if you may be able to suggest a possible use of a Wedding Turban ( my husband and I bought one for our wedding ).
    Its quite beautiful and it seems a shame to dispose it off.
    Could you suggest some uses for decor or other wise ? Its plain silk, in dull gold colour. With a fan in front and a train behind. No embelllishments. ( they were detachable )

  5. These pictures are marvelous! Thank you so much… I hope to start incorporating these things into my environment.

  6. BB I LOVE that orange bedroom~! All of it. xo

  7. Ann

    I especially love the textiles! Sooooo inspiring. Thank you again for the visual feast! Ann 😉

  8. I love every bit of it! yes the phots does the talking! and all I can do was nod my head, mouth open wide with a wow!

  9. This was my first visit and I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog. My eyes have been richly blessed and thank you for that. I'll be back.
    I'm a quilter and I am so envious of the lovely fabrics in the photos.

  10. Wow, nice designs are now a days i also doing these kind of things

  11. I am working on lurking less and commenting more so thanks for the reminder to leave a note. Your blog is the best kind of eye candy and I enjoy every minute I spend here. This post *definitely* satiated me! Until tomorrow that is. 🙂

  12. What a fab. blog you have! Browsing around here makes me feel alive with all the vibrant colors and patterns.

    All the best!
    /Design Studio 210
    Anna Caroline

  13. nice interor designs good job and good work

  14. Beautiful!

  15. lovely pictures Bhavna… no wonder love your blog so much … well here goes to a lovely blogger for her lovely blog … A LOVELY BLOG AWARD … 😉


  16. These are fantastic adaptations of Indian decor. Thanks for sharing!


  17. Absolutely heavenly – thankyou!
    I live in Thailand and am permanently designing an interior or ten in my head…these pics are absolutely wonderful inspiration and a fabulous taste of Asian design done with incredible elegance and panache. Keep posting.

  18. Carla took the words right out of my mouth. It is amazing to see bold colors and vibrant patterns used this way.

  19. hello old blogging friend! just popped in after forever and am so glad to see you're still busting out the fantastic posts. this one is full of gorgeousness! xxoo

  20. I agree ! Visual is a real "repos de l'esprit" 😉

  21. Gorgeous!! I have to say that the purple and saffron in combination makes my heart thrill.

  22. Waouh!… Gorgious! Thans, thanks, thanks for these beautiful pictures !…Very inspiring

  23. I think this might be the most awesome set of Indian interiors you've put together. Every one of these rooms is simply gorgeous!

  24. I think the last post satiated it and this one has delightfully run my cup over.

  25. I featured Miv Watts's home a few months ago on my blog too. I must say I ADORE her style. That layed-back Bohemian style does it for me. Great post!

  26. Carla Fox

    I love your blog! I'm so in love with all the beautiful colors, patterns and textures in the interiors you show. I'd love to see more postings….especially in our winter when it's so grey here. Colors to keep me inspired all winter long. Thank you!

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