Starting this fine week with some pretteh images from Aura’s catalogue. Aura, based in Melbourne, has been designed and founded by Tracie Ellis. Working with artisans in India, Aura creates original, contemporary bedlinen and home accessories with a focus on exquisite colours, unique fabrics and beautiful, handcrafted finishes. Take a look at their lovely collections here folks!


[All Images: Aura]


  1. Lovely pic! thanks for the inspiration! hx

  2. Your blog is really lovely and thanks for the posts on Aura Home.
    Cheers Jaine (AURA)

  3. Love the colors and the block prints! glad to have bumped into your blog! I blog too on interior designs..

  4. Just stopping by, as per rss feed invitation, to say that I enjoy your blog so much that I wrote about it on my own blog, and am a recent subscriber. Your blog is the one that rekindled my joy of looking at pictures of interiors I remember from decades ago. In my opinion, it is hard to make an interior stimulating, fun and also not too inaccessible, but so much of what you gather here is precisely that.

  5. Ooooh Yummy

  6. Lovely earthy colours 🙂

  7. Eye candy for sure !! Spectacular pix !! Love the blu kitchen

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