As December Approaches..

…my wanderlust increases!
Not that it EVER abates
But the holiday season
Coupled with the cheer in the air
And the possibilities of vacation and travel
 Makes me hop skip, if only virtually for now
To lands far away.
I dropped into Spain this morning
And brought for you some cozy rooms
From one of my favorite mags
Ah those months when that fireplace would be lit up, and someone would be curled up on the couch, with one of those many books
 Love the zen and symmetry of this room
Mmm…such a warm bedroom! Love the idea of the painting behind the bed, though it won’t be very convenient, right?
 Feels like a gentleman’s bathroom this 🙂
 The charm of mismatched dining chairs..
What a lovely way to wake up, with sunlight streaming in!
Brilliant use of crates. So re-cr(e)atable! 😀
Just so you know, I am lusting after that bed spread
That looks like an antique cloth on the wall. Or is it a painting?
You can never go wrong with pink and blue. Sure shot way to prettiness.
[All images from Elle]

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  1. nice…


  2. thanks for t all new experience in deco with passion via your posts!

  3. All dining table should have mismatched chairs.
    Makes it so much more unique and interesting!

  4. These are so pretty, I love the curtains in the last photo, and I love that disco ball! That is way cool! Awesome post!


  5. Love the Zen room…

  6. Loved 'em all! That last pic leaves much to one's imagination, beauty!

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