Art and Shopping..

…sounds like the perfect way to get the zing back on a weekday
Especially when shopping includes discounts and a fabulous giveaway!
Let’s start with some inspiring art first..
Sunandini Banerjee for Seagull

Sunandini Banerjee, much in the manner of a magpie, collects images from a wide variety of sources and creates innovative, humourous digital collages—a potpourri or a medley or a luck bag, call it what you will. Created for the annual Seagull Books catalogue, this year’s collages are in the nature of contemporary miniature. There are 86 works on display from June 1st. Each collage is printed on archival paper is also available for sale online (shipped worldwide). Thanks Kavitha for sharing Sunandini’s work with us!


Maulshree Somani’s Illustration
Maulshree has been sharing her creative work with me for some time, and she sent an email to me this week with details of her latest project – a children’s book written by Bhakti Mathur that she has illustrated. Maulshree was kind enough to send me a pdf of the book, and I loved her vibrant art work. You can reach Maulshree at this email ID.

And now for some shopping!

Judy Ross Textiles
Special discount code for An Indian Summer readers!
Shop online at Judy Ross Textile store and get a 10% discount on all your purchases till June 20th. The code to use is: indiansummer

Judy Ross Textiles is a NY based home textile company and design studio that retails products like pillows, rugs, curtains, upholstery fabric, tablemats and bedcovers at high end stores. The Judy Ross home collection pairs century-old hand embroidery techniques with modern design. For the past 18 years, Judy has developed a special relationship with artisans in Kashmir, India and Nepal. The master embroiderers, schooled in the traditional chainstitch technique, and expert weavers from Nepal using high quality wool and silk to create contemporary designs.

A giveaway for ‘An Indian Summer’ readers!
To enter the giveaway
Just comment on this post with a response to the question:
‘What is your and/or your kid’s favorite summer activity?’
And get a chance to win a fabulous block printed 100% cotton tunic

Muny, the brainchild of Samara Mahendru, makes clothing and accessories for children, using Indian hand block printing techniques on 100% cotton fabric. Muny uses a combination of custom designed prints with traditional block printing traditions for all products.The combination of traditional Indian textiles with contemporary colors and motifs, gives the clothes an eclectic, bohemian and multicultural aesthetic.

Be a proud owner of one the light airy tunics (pics below) for kids
In the color and the size you want*
Remember to comment on this post with your response to:
“What is your and/or your kid’s favorite summer activity?”
Samara and I will pick a winner based on the responses
And will announce the winner on this blog on June 20th

*see available colors and sizes here
Eagerly waiting to hear from you!
[All images owned by respective stores/designers]


  1. Awesome. These photos are brilliant. I want to go to an indian summer soon.

  2. We love everything about summer! Eating delicious mangoes one after the other, planting new plants every year and watching them grow, making creative ice pops and enjoying them in the cul de sac while we draw huge chalk art and just enjoying the warmth of the sun.

  3. Anonymous

    cleaning the family car (playing with the water actually 😉 )

  4. My favorite activity this summer is slinging up my 4 month old daughter, brewing delicious coffee and heading out for a walk to our local farmers market. Afterward, we come home make brunch and all hang out in the back yard… It's the perfect day!

  5. Anjali

    I have two daughters aged 6 and 8 and we love to go swimming together in the summer. So much that even daddy who "hates" water has joined us…but the best summer activity(actually best activity not just for summers 🙂 )…close all the doors and windows and curtains..put on radio mirchi on full blast and dance together…sometimes we get goofy and make faces and act like clowns while dancing …lots of giggles and total fun neighbors daughter is thrilled when she gets included;)

  6. our favortie activity would be finger painting and splashing about in the pool 🙂 ….my son loooovees water and I have to drag him out of the pool later 🙂

    lovely tunics … have a great collection

  7. ks

    Visiting both sets of grandparents every summer in India which is always fun – because we get to eat juicy yellow mangoes from Paati's (grandma) mango tree and pick baby lemons from Thatha's lemon tree ( get him all mad for picking them all early without letting them ripen up on the tree!!)

    But nothing like the simple joys of savoring spicy, hot mango pickles to go as a side while eating yogurt and rice on a late summer afternoon, & of course to top it all, end the day with cool and juicy water melons sitting lazily in the porch watching fireflies and dragonflies… never mind the mosquitoes!! 🙂

  8. Favorite summer activity…got to be the splash pool! The kids love it and it keeps them busy for hours at a time so I love it too:-)

  9. I love your blog and all things India!


  10. Because we are covered in woolies all through the year summertime is dedicated to wearing teeny tiny clothes and running around, wind in our hair, whipping our face, daisies tucked behind our ears, bare feet in sand and soaking in as much sun as we can.

    Thank you for this opportunity. The clothes are beautiful.

  11. So love this line. Captures the essence of childhood with simple thoughtful prints/textiles. My kids'
    favorite summertime activity is visiting with friends and relatives at homes/places we rarely get to do with our busy schedules. Grandma's garden, a must!

  12. Eating mangoes and watermelons overlooking overlooking the lovely gulmohar trees outside our house … Followed by an evening splash in the pool

  13. kirthi Thampuran

    I would love to drop off the kids with the grandparents and me and my hubby go on a world tour. Its a win win deal for everyone involved ! What a summer that would be. 🙂 🙂

  14. rsinha

    We love cooking together and making Jello cakes. Our latest adventure is trying to make a swimming pool cake with blue jello. Making mudcakes and eating icecream with our hands top our other favorites. Visiting friends, hitting the parks for local fairs and concerts and just being silly and happy is in our agenda

  15. Nothing spells summer better than a toddler running into the sea and building sand castles. Amrit, my toddler daughter, and i love to spend as many evenings as possible in one of the rare, quaint corners of the Mumbai beach. I'm going to cherish these days long after she's no longer a child.

  16. Me and My kids love to eat chilled Water Melon and Mangoes. So they sit in they diapers and we eat these favorite fruits as messily as we please and then it's splash around in the bath tub!

  17. my kids love to make ice cream in the morning to eat in the afternoon!
    Lovely tunics from Muny!!!

  18. Ashwini and my daughter, Aria

    Last week an ice cream truck came into our neighborhood, complete with loud colors and silly tunes. My daughter, my husband and I ran after the truck to get some ice cream…in our pajamas and slippers. We got some really weird colored popsicles and ate them right away, walking back home with sticky hands and faces. So….coming to the point, there is no one favorite activity, I think the season just makes you laugh and have fun at the smallest things. Water, bubbles, flowers, ice cream, mangoes, walks, books…..we do most of it all year round but it's so much more fun in summer 🙂

  19. Srirupa Gupta

    Us awesome threesome enjoying making mango shakes. Squishing the mango pulp into the processor is an art!

  20. I love to hang out with them in the yard showing them plants or this summer I'll be teaching my young one to ride his bicycle

  21. the beach and the sea… love love

  22. My lil' year and a half old loves loves loves splash pools! She can sit in there all day long. Its the best thing to do to beat the Gujarat heat!

  23. its gotta be blowing some bubbles on a hot summer day!

  24. We love swimming at our neighborhood pool! What a great giveaway–thanks for the chance to win. 🙂


  25. I live with my two sons in New Orleans where it is very hot. We are lucky enough to spend one glorious month each summer at a cabin on a crystal clear lake in northern Minnesota to escape the oppressive heat of the South and connect with family and friends. We don't have air conditioning at the cabin, so on the rare nights that we can't sleep because of the heat, we slip into the lake for some nightswimming to cool down. Each of us looks forward to this event as much as we look forward to Christmas morning.

  26. Both my daughter and my's favourite summer activity is cooling off by running through the sprinkler.

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