Are you in the mood…

..for some shopping?Or, maybe virtual window shopping in these times of recession ;-)Don’t look any furtherHere are two sumptuous online shops Bringing India closer home to you Devotion: The online emporiumFrom marble decor objects to brass thaalis (plates) to gorgeous cushion/pillow covers to dresses by Brigitte Singh – you will find it all at Devotion!

L’aviva home L’aviva Home brings to you a series of curated online trunk shows, showcasing goods from India and Africa. Current showcase is of textiles and objects..



  1. And u know what.. these make excellent gifts too.. they are just beautiful artifacts

    Haiku poetry

  2. The Brigitte Singh styles are truly wonderful!

  3. wow, this is cool new news! will check them out for surw! thanx for sharing!

  4. Oh such pretty shops!! Thank you for always having such lovely eye candy each time I visit. 🙂

  5. I love the suzani pictures 🙂 …anyway…I love always all the pictures in your blog 🙂

  6. What a fabulous blog you have!

    I live in US but have both contemporary and Indian style in my home. I was just thinking of changing my decor for Summer. Love interior designing and decor.

  7. the last photo….swoon.

  8. These Devotion cushions are amazing!

  9. Stunning pictures!!! Lovely post…

  10. hi im from indonesia wanna give u smile and hope u get all the best in ur life,,

    visit 5setia’o9 exchange pliss

  11. Gorgeous!

  12. Very kewl links. I loved the Turkish Pendant Lamps from Laviva.

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