Another New Year

Where do you start?
How do you begin?
In the wake of a new year
You begin with what is at the top of your mind. And there are two things at the top of my mind right now. The first one ~ heartfelt warmest wishes and hopes for all of you, my favorite people. May you have a year you cherish and remember fondly for many years to come! And second, Goa is on my mind! I will tell you why in the coming weeks, but for now, look at this little gem I found! Le Roi Arthur, a boutique and cafe in Verla Canca, Goa , has been conceptualized and is run by Chef Romain Auguy and Designers Melyssa Falque & Florence Dor. I was drawn to the lovely pictures of their quaint space and the eclectic collection of handmade bags, jewelry, accessories and home decor items they have curated. Le Roi Arthur has been duly bookmarked to my list of places to visit in Goa when I am in Goa next, which is going to happen very soon. I’ll see you there 🙂
Sigh. Isn’t it all so pretty?

Speaking of Goa, I need some help. So my dear readers, those of you who belong to Goa or are currently staying there, please drop me an email to say hello. I would love to hear from you!

[All images: Le Roi Arthur. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Hi, Maybe want follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i follow you back. 🙂

  2. So beautiful. happy new year.

  3. Awesome snaps and very well written. Loved the post a lot. Looking forward to more such share from you. Keep posting with lots more.

  4. Happy NEw year and enjoy your trip!

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