And we have a winner!

Remember the giveaway from the fab store Pergolina? Bianca and I had asked you to describe your best ‘Indian summer’ on Pergolina’s blog….and what beautiful stories you shared with us! I felt myself being transported to the vivid summers you had described. Thank you for participating and sharing ~ Arline, GC, Elly Vortex, Eve’s Lungs, KK, Sudha, Megha, Gagan, Sreelu, Me, Sharon, Ineke, Kriti, Paul, Megaspice, Bhuvana and Chryselle! You girls rock!
The winner of the contest and soon-to-be-owner of the lovely scarf is Parul
Congratulations Parul
Waiting to see a pic of you in the new scarf!

Read all about some of the best Indian Summers here

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  1. Really love this very consistently bold and colorful blog. I send you my blog of paintings for you to look at and perhaps you will see or start thinking of an idea for a blog. I am not tek savvy but paint great

    If you google my name all kinds of info and pics come up linda arthurs

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