And then, we were in the jungle

While I sigh
You will very soon have a reason to get all chirpy and travel happy
When you come across the great offer at the end of this post
So read on 🙂
Looking in from the deck at Tree House Hideaway
 What do you say or do when a brilliant vacation comes to an end?
 One, you sigh. A lot.
Second, you long to go back. Quite fervently.
And third, you look at the pictures. And then sigh. Again.
I am just glad that atleast I could pass off my looking at pictures again and again as ‘work’
For today, I’ll share with you
My experience with Pugdundee Safaris
At their gorgeous lodges at Bandhavgarh and Kanha
Warm inviting interiors
The cottage at Kanha Earth Lodge
The good folks at Pugdundee Safaris had invited me to experience their lodges in the forest reserves at Bandhavgarh and Kanha. After a round of efficient communication to and fro with their reservation office in Gurgaon, the logistics and dates were fixed – we arrived at Bandhavgarh’s Tree House Hideaway, just a day before the Tiger Reserve opens, after closing down for the monsoon season. A beautifully done up tree cottage, all in wood, with a large deck looking out to the forest, was all that was needed after the night journey. The interiors were all very tastefully done up – local Gond art, tribal masks and furniture made from logs, with the jungle right outside the glass doors. Our next stop was at Pugdundee Safari’s Kanha Earth Lodge, where the eco conscious architecture, local building techniques and subtle yet colorful interior styling, made me exclaim with delight at every few steps.
The view while lounging on the bed, at Bandhavgarh Tree House Hideaway
The many handpicked artifacts at Kanha Earth Lodge. I loved the wooden statuette (center above)! 
We did not spot any tigers during our safaris at Bandhavgarh and Kanha,
and dubious sources might claim that it was because of my recurrent
exclaiming in delight. Kindly don’t pay attention to such dubious
sources. Tigers are best sighted during March-April and the summers, though within a fortnight of the reserve’s opening, tigers become a lot more sociable and circulate around, meeting and greeting and eating. While I was looking forward to saying hello to a tiger or two, given my natural affinity to the feline species, I thoroughly enjoyed the glorious forests. A photographer’s delight, these forests are teeming with wild life of all sorts and have such beautiful vistas that you start again. Sighing i.e. Pugdundee Safaris has a handpicked staff, and the safaris and dinner conversations were made all the more interesting because of the resident managers and the naturalists at both properties. They regaled us with stories and anecdotes of the wild, and their passion for the jungle, wildlife, flora and fauna was infectious.
 Snippets from Bandhagarh and Kanha Tiger Reserve. Go there just to experience the jungle, if not the tigers
When we were not bumping around in the open jeeps (which I also drove, quite skillfully, if I may modestly add), we were being served the most delicious food by their courteous staff. Pugdundee Safaris has a Masterchef India finalist on it’s Chef’s panel, so you can imagine how each meal was an experience in itself. The pleasure of getting back to a luxury accommodation and fine cuisine, after roughing it out in the wild (yes, open jeeps means roughing it out. thank you), was blissful.
Dining at Kanha Earth Lodge, and, dining wares at the local bazaar
And and, how can I forget shopping! Yes, I got the inside scoop on the fabulous old brass utensils on display around the lodges, and found out that they have been sourced from the local weekly bazaar. With the additional information that old silver jewelry could also be found in the bazaar, I enlisted an obliging and uber helpful staff member to take me there; and not only came back with goodies, but also had a lovely time meeting local villagers in their homes.
Pick of brass and kansa old utensils and old tribal silver jewelry
Now you know why more than a few sighs are so relevant for this post
Which reminds me
How about that offer that will make you all chirpy and travel happy?
Well, to all readers of An Indian Summer
Pugdundee Safari would like to offer
A Village Walk and a Bush Dinner
At any of their lodges
Free of cost!
Just mention your favorite blog
An Indian Summer
At the time of making the reservation
I cannot recommend Pugdundee Safaris high enough
I am very picky and particular about where I travel and where I stay
And Pugdundee lodges exceeded my expectations
 I am going to go back soon
Hope to meet you there! 🙂
Coming up tomorrow: More images from the lodges and forests on facebook! Be sure to check. I got to show my vacation pics on facebook, my peeps! It’s THE thing to do. Plus the pictures are pretteh. So do go and check, tomorrow 🙂
On another note: If you own/run a unique property, and would like An Indian Summer to visit you:
a) You lucky bird, you!
b) Write to me! An Indian Summer is not only happy but extremely travel happy!
[All images: Mine. Ok, ours. An Indian Summer’s and Bhavna Bhatnagar’s. Sheesh. My blog is a bully. Don’t mess with him and use the images without credits. Ok?]


  1. Liked the post..recently visited kanha and Pench..Did not meet with tiger in any forests. But as you said loved the forests and their colours!

  2. A very good collection of photos….As I see, you love to travel. You can visit which is a travel portal listing homestays at off beat locations in India. A very good travel guide….

  3. WOWW SO AMAZING post:) your blog makes me happy everytime I visit.

    Check out my new post..How to make your own Gallery wall:)

    have a lovely day pretty

    OVE Maria at inredningsvis – The Swedish home decor blog

  4. Beautiful beautiful photos. Love the warmth in the snaps

  5. Deb

    Beautiful photos and they capture a feeling of your visit so well! I would LOVE to go on a tiger safari in India. And most of all, stay in a place like that – very "pin-worthy" decor! 🙂

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