And one thing led to another…

I came across…

which led to… which led to… Hot Pink – The first concept store in Jaipur, Rajasthan! A collaboration of Munnu Kasliwal and Marie-Helene de Taillac, Hot Pink offers chic and contemporary fashion from Indian designers, who respect and use traditional Indian techniques. While the beautifully designed site of this store, located at Narain Niwas, immediately attracts your attention, the site also has a treasure trove of information on Jaipur. From Jaipur shopping recommendations to heritage hotels to local tourist map, all made lovely by Jean -Philippe Delhomme‘s beautiful paintings!
You can download the very well put together Jaipur guide for your next Jaipur trip! Also totally worth drooling over are Marie-Helene de Taillac jewels! Look through Marie’s site for absolutely gorgeous fine jewellery designed by her, using gemstones and craftsmen expertise from India. I am waiting for my next windfall to acquire one of Jean’s paintings and one (maybe two, or three?) of Marie’s jewels. So long..


  1. hey….great work…i accidentaly reached your website n just loved the stone necklace…beautiful!!1

  2. Oh how pretty! I love the elephants and the peacock!

  3. Stunning color and goodies!

  4. Aaaah, great eye candy, love it!

  5. I adore these little paintings. They are so whimsical and happy. As always your blog colours my life. Thank you.

  6. ps

    Just so you know:
    I have a mac and had NO trouble whatsoever loading your site. Out of curiosity, how did Rochambeau load for you? Was is slow or fast?

  7. Hi Bhavna,
    What a great shop. Especially taken with the first necklace. Did Marie Helene de Taillac make this one too?
    Thanks for your visit friend. Hope all is well in your world!!!


  8. Hi Bhavna,
    Lovely finds! I have been a regular (lurking) fan of your blog for a couple of weeks now. When we first conceived The Key Bunch, we thought there were no other blogs dedicated to interiors with a focus on Indian products, or Indian inspired decor ideas. How wrong we were!

    Your blog, and several other blogs cover not only what we had planned on offering, but so much more! Hats off to your unique ideas and presentation style, and I do hope The Key Bunch too will be as successful, some day:)…wish us luck, do!


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