1. So bright and colorful… I love it so much. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Love the details!

  3. Beautiful! I hadn't visited in a while. Must come back more often!! A lot of inspiration here.

  4. An earth house, how cool! I love the texture of the walls. Would love to recreate that look with paint. Of course painting that might take as much time as building an earth house …

  5. Love the Earth tones in the rooms. How did I miss your blog for such a long time or have I been here before?

  6. What a house!! Lovely!

  7. Vani

    Gorgeous spaces… love the wall texture.

  8. Love the way you make everything look so inviting, even the smallest of spaces. Very nice.

  9. Arrangement of Balcony is so nice..!!
    I wish I can do the same for my balcony..

  10. gorgeous.. gorgeous!! Love the dash of colour.. I think this is what I'm going to do in my bedroom… just a dash.. 🙂

  11. This house is divine! I would never want to leave.

  12. i love those little prints in the kitchen! thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms!


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