An Indian Summer Is Back!

Hello, You!  Oh, I missed you! What I thought was a quick break to get An Indian Summer in shape, turned out to be a hiatus of many months! That’s three exclamation marks already and I have just begun! I need to calm down. But, I AM THIS happy to see you again!

Well, after a few false starts and more than a few revisions, I am happy to come back to you with a squeaky clean and a much better organized website. This is a beta launch and over the next few weeks, along with regular dose of delish posts, some interesting new features will be launched on the site and kinks will be ironed out. The spread of what I curate will also expand and you will see a lot more from the world of art, lifestyle and travel. As always, write to me, my good folks! Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Thanks to all of you, it has been a tremendous journey of ten years for An Indian Summer, and I am proud to see it all grown up and poised for the next adventure.

I will be back later in the week with more eye candy; till then, hope you enjoy this laid back summer vacation-ish inspiration from Greece.

{Images: Hipaway Villas}


  1. Indira warrier

    So very beautiful.

  2. Lynn

    Sp glad you’re back. Your collections add so much colour to my day! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Smitha

    Glad to have you back. Was sorely missing the eye candies

  4. Amruta

    Gorgeous new site, glad you’re back. There’s a nice Indian/international eyes at work here, makes a welcome change from all the all white blogs.

  5. Love the new avatar of An Indian Summer, and am looking forward to whatever comes up under the “Shop” dropdown here 🙂

  6. indira

    Oh Bhavna , as an indian living in the united states for many years and watching the interior decor scenes here in america, and then finding about your blog recently, my heart is filled with so much JOY, India has its own unique beauty , colors and style that is unmatched .

    the quality and content of your blog is on par with international design websites.

    thank you for making me happy.

    1. Bhavna Bhatnagar

      Such a lovely note, Indira! Thank you so much 🙂

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