Truly Indian!

Alright, so before anyone raises the shaped (and unshaped in case there are men reading this) eyebrow, I shall confess: This post falls under the category of ‘Going Overboard’.

The innocent out there would ask me – How? Well, two things: (a) I am presenting a lot (a lot) of images; and (b) ‘Anonymous’ left me a comment saying ‘only if the pictures were bigger’. And generous soul that I am, I said ‘Lo, behold – that is one thing in the world of blogs I know how to do! Here, the pictures are BIG in this post!
I am showcasing Shaheen Bagh, an elegant cottage in Dehradun (India). Shaheen Bagh is now used as an exclusive resort for the discerning traveler. The way this cottage has been done up is a perfect example of traditional Indian interiors which are aesthetic to the core, and modern enough to have all necessary luxuries (though, this does not necessarily represent traditional interiors across the different regions in India).
And before I go overboard also with verbosity, let me present to you Shaheen Bagh ~
The Cottage

The Living Areas
checkout the rug in the pic above!
High ceilings..helps keep the house cool too
great idea -how to use a faux fireplace



I have been lusting after metal urns for a long time now…available in Pondicherry



The Bedrooms
Traditional Indian beds with canopy
The Bathrooms
fresh air anyone?

Touches which complete the interior experience…

And, it’s as lovely outdoors as indoors!

Due apologies if your page took too long to download, or you had to go up and down the page since there were a LOT of images and they all were so BIG! Appreciate your patience and do tell me if you like the LOT of BIG images! 🙂


  1. Hi, Do you know where I can get furniture like this in india or USA?

  2. Amazing place.. I happened to visit this place during the New Year time and this place is just where I wanted to be. A heavenly abode. Would want to go this place again and again… I am so in love with this place..

  3. Just Stunning!!! Very inspirational. We have just moved to a new house & my mind is all about interior design. Thanks so much you have helped over here. Katie x

  4. I see some Fabindia Fabric!! Yippeee…

  5. Neha

    OMG! Just chanced upon this beautiful blog while searching for something else. What beautiful pictures & yes big is better! Keep up the great work, hope to see more from you.



  6. Hi Anon! Sorry, I havent been here as yet, but have heard a lot of good things about this place :-). It is on my list of places to visit, and whenever I go, I will definitely get pictures and put them up on the blog!

  7. Thank You for covering the north

  8. your sister

    Love the detailing on the four poster beds. BIG piccies are GOOD.

  9. Thanks Jen, Pacchai and Arch! I would love to play host incase you ever plan to travel to India, or come up North [Arch, you are much closer – you should ‘drop by’ sometime :-)]

  10. Great post…inspires me to travel North.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Bhavna… Shaheen Bagh looks amazing.. I love the trunks in the fireplace was a unique accent.
    lovely post.

  12. I LOVE THE IMAGES! Give me more…! haha.

    Isn’t that one of the most stunning places. So luxurious yet warm and inviting. That swing in the patio was the cherry on top for me gorgeous. Thanks for the post!


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