All I want…

…is a room somewhere…though I wouldn’t really mind a fort or twoor, a room or two in a fort!The retreat of Biki Oberoi, the head of the Oberoi Hospitality Group, is a fort. Yes, an actual real life fort! Real 150 years old fort. Restored with the help of architect Pratap Patki and interior designer Sunita Kohli. Since the fort [called the Naila fort] was declared a heritage site, the fort was renovated to suit the modern day living requirements without disturbing the original majestic structure.

Splendour of Rajasthani sandstone
Suraj Pol [Sun Gate] made in Shekhawati region
Marble floor with inlaid design (also known as Pietra Dure art form)…reminiscent of Mughal art
The walls glow with aarish, a glaze of white lime, ground marble and eggshells
Chest from Gujrat and collection of antique arms. The Rajasthani version of planter chair on the left

One of other gates – the Ganesh Pol. The elephants (in the courtyard niche) have been stencilled in gold leaf

One of the private living rooms. Love the bougainvillea plant in the brass planter
Ram headed chairs clad in brass
Cushions in dhurrie (rug) fabric, on chairs, under a chattri (canopy)
Ah! As I said, if not a fort, a room or two in this fort would also do!

[Info and images from Architectural Digest]


  1. wow ! wow ! great pics.

  2. I wonder if there are any resident ghosts?
    I think the housekeeper certainly deserves a raise! Keeping it so spotless in dust-prone India is a miracle… or is it Photoshop?

  3. What a splendid, royal abode! Thanks for the sharing! The pictures are dreamy…

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