About Project Bly

It’s like this, folks. When you come across a new store on the block like Project Bly, you don’t just pass by. You stop. You get intrigued. You dive in. You see there is pretty stuff there. Sinfully pretty infact. And you see that there is a lot of talk about travel. About traveling to Bombay and to La Paz, Bolivia. And to places like Kumasi, Bukhara and Malacca. That’s it. You are hooked. You want to travel with these people who run this new store on the block. You want to read their stories and you want to get all this pretty stuff for yourself. It’s like this, folks. Now you know. 
Dive right into Project Bly
Read their very interesting story
Look at their beautiful collection 
And I’ll let these images do the rest.

[All images: Project Bly, On facebook. Creative layout: An Indian Summer]


  1. Lovely collection

  2. i agree..everything is beautiful..thanks for sharing

  3. Sigh ! How pretty everything looks here !

  4. lovely! such treasures are collected during our travels…

  5. True. When you see something like this that stops you in your tracks, you write about it as beautifully as you do. Loved the slanting chair and the cushions. But, I guess the styling makes the products stand out.

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