Aalamwaar and a GiveAway!

I heard from Jenny of Aalamwaar Textiles some time back, one of my favorite go to places for block print and kalamkari furnishings on the world wide web. Aalamwaar textiles has been conceptualized and is run by Viji Reddy, an award winning multi-media artist who is a painter, a ceramist and also a textile designer. Viji works with artisans in India to design and create exquisite products for contemporary living. I love their range of block prints, and their hand painted kalamkari fabrics are really like works of art. Take a look at the range right here…
If you liked what you saw, you would absolutely love what is coming next! Aalamwaar and An Indian Summer would like to welcome all you fabulous readers into 2013 by sponsoring and hosting a lovely giveaway! You get a chance to win this exquisite 20 by 20 silk pillow that has been hand painted using natural dyes. Yaay! 

This gorgeous pillow has been named Rainbow Fish 🙂

To enter the giveaway, here’s what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment on facebook right here! Just make sure that your comment includes these two words: Rainbow and Fish 🙂 Leave a poem, leave a limerick, leave a haiku, a little note – anything that comes to your mind, with Rainbow and Fish in it!
(make sure you are logged into facebook to do so)
2. To double your chances just leave a comment on this post too
3. That’s it! Wait for result to be announced on 1st of February.
See ya next week folks! Make sure to leave that comment!
[All images: Aalamwaar]


  1. Love love love these fabrics! I'm facing decorating our new home in Kerala in a few months and I'd love to incorporate some of these patterns somehow.

    Be Ready Bravely

  2. Rainbow fish, rainbow fish, RAINBOW FISH!


  3. Rainbow Fish is also a wonderful children's book 🙂

  4. Nandita N

    Rainbows are highways for fish to swim in the sky

  5. So kitsch so hobo
    A fish also rainbow

  6. Anonymous

    Very pretty textiles. I don't do Facebook, so I hope I will still be entered for the chance to win the lovely painted Rainbow Fish pillow. I also love the painted pillow with the bird.

  7. गणतंत्र दिवस की सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!

  8. My favorite joke (and one of the only ones I can remember…):

    Q: How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: A fish.

    I will amend the answer to be a RAINBOW fish 🙂

  9. Shraddha

    Soothing Colours and Hues
    A visual Treat.
    Fish Motifs and Rainbow Prints
    Textiles could not get better than this.

  10. I fish for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow……… i run fast and fast and fast, but alas i miss the beauty of the rainbow in the race.

    Aarti Rathod

  11. I have just recently moved to Istanbul from my native Karachi- and I love reading your blog as it brings to mind the wonderful frangipani-perfumed summers of my childhood.

    I love living in Istanbul but what I miss the most about Karachi is my fish pond. Living in a troubled city I would spend many hours looking at the fish, flashing their hues of orange and gold among the nymphea and sometimes if the sunlight hit just right the fish would leave the most ephemeral of rainbow arcs in the water.

  12. Rainbow fish, rainbow fish
    Oh how I wish
    For a tropical fish
    Shimmering in the sun
    Oh glittering one
    Oh how I wish
    For a ray of sun

  13. The rainbow fish, the finest cloths, the camaraderie of colours, all together with the windows capturing the sunlight complete the canvas of hue…Oh Beautiful, they're going to want a piece of you!

  14. Dixie

    Rainbow Fish,lovely as can be
    Rainbow Fish,a treat from Aalamwaar for all to see

    Wonderful gorgeous colors galore
    I need not just one, but maybe four

    Your silky beauty, a feast for the eye
    Oh Rainbow Fish, I can only sigh

  15. I I fish for dreams to feed my soul, in deep rainbow sea…

  16. I swim in the rainbow dream ..deep deep dives
    I fish for dreams to feed my electra soul, sometimes…

  17. wow!!! what a lovely cushions!!!

  18. wonderful!!! fantastic product, great idea to combine forces!!

  19. Alamwar textiles….. absolutely fascinating. I have got a wall painted in orange and can imagine how well the fish design will fit in! I want it… oops…! I want them all!

  20. The sea and the sky dream together, this is their dream – fish painted by a rainbow…

  21. The rainbow fish… would turn my green sofa into a lovely aquarium!

  22. Thank you An Indian Summer for introducing me to Aalamwaar
    Of all the similar products I've seen, theirs are exquisite and the best by far
    Thanks for this opportunity to participate
    In case I win, it'll be worth the wait
    And I will treasure and cherish
    This beautiful pillow with rainbow fish.

    The above poem might sound lame since I'm no poet but thank you for introducing Aalamwaar Textiles and their lovely range of products 🙂

  23. Such beautiful designs! But that rainbow fish is the dish…but I hope he doesn't end up in a dish! haha!

  24. Amanda

    What a beautiful design! The colors of the Rainbow Fish are perfect for the room I'm currently decorating. I have just the spot for it!

  25. What a beautiful pillow! And the name Rainbow Fish is perfect.

  26. Beautiful!! I especially love the yantra pillows!!

  27. Preeti M

    So this fish pillow is the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

  28. I love the history of Aalamwaar- their natural dyes and fair wages for women. I haven't even mentioned the beautiful designs & fabrics. They make it difficult to choose!!!!

  29. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Aalamwaar!!

    I'm a capricorn right on the aquarius cusp and am SO drawn to these intricately drawn fish!! Even though I've always craved an all-white apartment, I've happily managed to fill it with a million patterns and textiles in every color of the rainbow instead – so this pillow would fit right in 🙂

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