A Little Prayer

For the people battling the flood in Uttarakhand, India
For the flora and fauna that has been lost
 For the beautiful region that is now devastated
I feel a very strong connect to the Himalayas, and it pains me no end to see the delicate ecosystem of the region being ravaged by natural disasters, caused due to human excesses in the name of development. I wish that atleast NOW, the people responsible for governance and the people who have been nominated as the custodians for environment and development, will look beyond their private gains and do what is right for the region and it’s people.
You can contribute to the relief efforts right here.
Signing off for the week
Be safe, everyone
Where ever you are
 [Image: Clicked by me on a recent trip to Kinnaur region]

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  1. Mother Nature can be a cruel teacher, we do need to heed her warnings. My thoughts are with those struck by the floods.

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