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While browsing through my favorite decor sites, I was pleasantly surprised to see a feature on Surajit ‘Bomti’ Iyengar’s Calcutta apartment, on Elle Decor. I remember seeing it in the Indian edition of Elle Decor sometime back, and now couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing the online pics with you. Surajit’s home has such an old world charm to it – the faded walls, colonial furniture, ceramics that seem to have been passed down from generations, rich fabrics, art work from local artists, Burma teak floors – the home is truly a treasure cave for a collector!
I like how various disparate elements like the heirloom clock, old photographs, ceramic plates and the art work, all just come together in this room to give it a distinct character.
The Burma teak floors are covered in hand knotted Kashmiri carpets
Paintings by various young Bengal artists above the writing table
 Period Bengal furniture made from mahogany and rose wood

Read more about this charming apartment right here
And of course, as it happens (to the best of us), there were a few more pretty rooms that caught my eye, and I just had to share these with you as well. A room here and a room there from the fabulous home tours on Elle Decor…
Love the beaten copper ceiling fixture!
Inspiring example of salvaged furniture – the distressed cupboard at the back is a must have!
A room from Peacock Pavilions – Maryam’s fabulous place-to-be-in Marrakesh
Another brilliantly put together room in Peacock Pavilions
 And finally, a bright cheery room with lovely block print furnishing
[All images: Elle Decor]
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  1. I see your living room all the time in your vlogs (that sounds a little stalkerish haha.. sorry…) but it never gets old. I know it's not my living room, but I think it's important to have décor that manages to stay interesting– even when you see it every day. especially when you have a creative job like yours, you need something inspiring. top rated recliners

  2. acuriousbite

    Agree with mintymanu – a post on altars will be great … have searched so much for some nice design ideas cant seem to find any

  3. Lovely collection of pics. Can u plz do a post on Altars (mandir) at home.. would really appreciate it

  4. Amazing decor,..

  5. All the rooms are stunning.. love the peacock blue bedroom and the red living space!

  6. wow i like the walls especially that wall on which plates are decorated i saw them firs time really very good.

  7. Vow! love how the eclectic mix of accessories thrown together works so so well in Surajit's apartment. Of course, the one grounding factor is the black furniture. Lovely!

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