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Anavila Sindhu Misra and I have been exchanging creative notes since the time I blogged about her work. We met when she came to Delhi to exhibit her exquisite sarees and fabrics, where she very graciously gifted two handcrafted fabric art works from her studio to me. It was such a pleasure to meet Anavila in person, and as we chatted about our creative likes and dislikes, the blogger in me instinctively knew that her home would be as lovely as her. I pestered her for a home tour, and here we are – the beautiful and distinctive space that Anavila, her husband and their son call home! Anavila also shares her personal style and aesthetics below…

My home style is very India inspired. From the wall art to the textiles, all are craft based, with some occasional picks from travels which I couldn’t resist – like the antique gong and bird cage which I bought at an exhibition from a Thai/ Indonesian old couple, who were putting up there lifelong collections for sale.


Most of the things you see around my house are my own designs and products collected over the last seven years ever since my association with crafts. I go with colors like green, beige, whites for home with little accents of brighter shades. For me, plants are a must and most of my decorations are botanical. 

Home for me is putting together familiar and inspiring things that make you comfortable and happy ! 🙂

Many thanks Anavila for the lovely home tour!
Looking forward to seeing you and your pretteh textiles in Delhi again soon 🙂
[All images copyright: Anavila Sindhu Misra and An Indian Summer] 


  1. Loved it. Simple yet so beautiful. Very aesthetic and so much character.

  2. Wow… Beautiful house

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful beautiful home…..I have some basic questions..I live in mumbai, but the sun is so harsh i cant do with the light curtains got from bangalore. How doea it work for you? Also where is this house with such beautiful hreens just outside!

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing home Anavila…Its the perfect home…very calming, serene and simple as well as elegant…The kind of home anyone would love to live in ..forever…lovely choice of curtains as well…

  5. Love the curtains!

  6. GB

    Beautiful space–those curtains in the dining room are stunning. Love the calm neutral backdrop and those splashes of color throughout her home. Thanks for sharing, Bhavna and Anavila (such a pretty name!)

  7. Thats a really gorgeous home! Can totally relate to her style and inspirations 🙂

  8. sp


  9. So gorgeous. But most of all the last picture. So lush and beautiful.

  10. 🙂 thanks Aneela !!! i can't get enough of these colors and hues ! i love to have as much sunlight in my rooms as possible and can live with sheers as am on a high up floor with not much around…loved your home too especially the wall art and kantha..

  11. …oh anavila now you have me looking wistfully at all the creams and greens again! Beautiful home, lovely use of light, and I love how the greens in the frames and cushions compliment the lush foliage outside!

  12. Thanks Bhavna for a wonderful review and thanks to you all for beautiful remarks !!!! made my day !!!

  13. Preciosa vivienda! me gusta mucho

  14. Luved her home ,,,:) specially the wall s with pictures

  15. Reshma

    Lovely home with cozy corners !

  16. beautiful post as always Bhavna, Very very beautiful house Anavila, I loved the curtains with dark wood… Lovely!

  17. Amy

    Such a nice airy home! Love the art work too!

  18. sangita pillai

    Hi Bhavna, as usual, a beautiful post. Anavila, your house is really lovely – feels warm and lived in, and the curtains are really pretty. I especially like the shelf/display unit on your bedroom wall. Lovely!!!

  19. Beautiful and inspiring!!!

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