A Certain Kind Of Mood

I wonder why I got drawn to these pictures today? Perhaps, after the color and the opulence of the last post, my creative imp-of-a-being subconsciously navigated towards something milder. Spaces that are beautiful, in a subtle manner. They are minimal, yet comforting. The warmth of wood, against the coolness of white and a touch or two of rich deeper colors. Where possible, a grand view or at-least a hint of the nature outside. Spaces that invite you, and your book, to take a break. That’s the kind of mood I am bringing for you today. 

By photographer Francoise Sibi

Saul Leiter’s apartment photographed by Francoise Hallard

Photographer Raf Maes

Maison Kamari

Jessica Tremp’s home

Nr Ceramics

Hélène Binet

Junzo Yoshimura Summer house

[All images curated from the calming Instagram profile of Olivier Abry, the lighting designer behind Wo & We’. 1st image in the post is from his home. Rest sources below each image]

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